Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Think twice before hiring taxi online, sharing my TaxiForSure experience

A prestigious Taxi Booking company , TaxiForSure has served 30,00,000 customers across India, but have they served all of them properly? I am about to...





Academy Awards: Top Movies with Most Oscars

The 88th Academy Awards The "88th" Academy Awards filled with glamour and stardom ended up being Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar night. Leo finally grabbed his first...

Cure for Cancer exists since 1923, kept hidden from Public

It was in 1923, when root cause for development of cancer was detected. Sadly, majority of people do not know what it is. The...

SwanLuv: Get Married and receive funds up to $10,000

The season has arrived, no we are not talking about winters! We are talking about the wedding season. All of us dream of an unforgettable...

Supreme Court gives its nod for Santa Banta jokes petition

No more Santa-Banta jokes!!! Yeahh.. you heard it right. The Supreme court of India has given it's nod to hear a petition to ban...

Maggi Noodles Reborns after 5 Months, ties up with Snapdeal

And There there! Maggi Noodles is back finally! Nestle did whatever it could do to bring back Maggi noodles for those consumers who relied on maggi,...


Impossible Objects: Great Optical Illusions or Unsolved Problems?

An impossible object is one that cannot seem to exist in a real 3 dimensional space. The aspects, dimensions, or specifications of an impossible...