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From the columns of The Hindu and DNA India to the articles of The Logical Indian, the news, reading ‘Aryan Mishra meets Sunita Williams’, flooded the social media, praising the young star, whose story is mesmerizing the young minds of India and the World.

Aryan Mishra is a 16 year old astronomer, studying in 10th standard, Chinmaya Vidyalaya, New Delhi. He has achieved a feat, what a normal student, at his age, cannot even think of. With a Canon 700D and some telescopes to watch the outer space, he has explored and found out various celestial bodies, to which, even experts take years in spotting.
During All India Asteroid Search Campaign in 2014, Aryan and his partner friend KeertiVardhan discovered an asteroid, which led them to win gold medals and various awards in astronomy.


Aryan’s journey in astronomy began at a very early stage, it was when he didn’t even step into the high school. This junior high school lad, was well known as a local astronomy expert. His classmates were curious to know about celestial bodies and the stars in space, which motivated him to put on the demonstrations for his classmates and the high school students, at his school. His interest into astronomy was clearly visible and his dedication into the subject would surely lead his way out to the cosmos.

Throughout his 4 years of journey into astronomy, he met various Astronomers, Astronauts, CEOs of Space Industries and many scientists from NASA and other space agencies. Recently, he also met the Late Astronaut Kalpana Chawla’s parents.

On being asked about any special remarks given by the honorary personalities during meet, Aryan told us, “They said, keep the spirit up and one day you will reach the stars.” Let there blessings and his dreams, come true and Suke India wishes this budding star, a very good-luck in achieving the goals, in the coming future, and also a very delightful, cheerful birthday to have a great year ahead.

Do not miss our short interview with Aryan Mishra that could then ignite the curiosity of the young minds to start working on their goals, right now!
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Interview By: Sanket Kalambe

Personality#4: Aryan Mishra, Young Astronomer, Space Enthusiast

Suke India: You’re just 15, what sparked your interest in Astronomy?

Aryan: I was 11 years old when I first started looking to the sky. Seeing Saturn, for the first time from the telescope was a life changing experience. That sparked my interest in Astronomy.

Suke India: Share a few thoughts and experiences during the All India Asteroid Search Campaign.

Aryan: The experience was fantastic for me and Keertivardhan. I can’t describe the excitement when I arrived at the Space office. At the first point I was thinking, “Will I be able to discover an asteroid?”. I have seen the asteroids in pictures, but I was so excited to see the rotation or movement of the asteroids. These thoughts were striking our minds! We both gained a lot of knowledge from AIASC, not only about the asteroids, but other things too.

Suke India: How did everyone react on your discovery of the near-Earth asteroid (especially classmates)?

Aryan: When we got to know, we did not believe it, until it came in the newspaper. Then we realised we had discovered an asteroid. Reaction was just amazing, from the people’s side.

Suke India: Who is your favourite astronomer?

Aryan: My favourite Astronomer is Galileo Galilei.

Suke India: Have you seen or discovered anything remarkable lately?

Aryan: Not really, but this year I will hunt for asteroids again.

Suke India: How are the asteroids named?

Aryan: It takes nearly 5 years or more, to name an asteroid and the designated name is given by International Astronomical Search collaboration.

Suke India: What is the most memorable celestial body you’ve ever seen? 

Aryan: Saturn is my most memorable celestial body ever seen, in the year 2011 with a 6 inch Telescope.

Suke India: Please tell us why people tend to confuse astrology with astronomy, and their differences?

Aryan: Astrology is just rumors. In astrology it is said don’t look at eclipse you can die but when Astronomers look at eclipse we really don’t die.

Suke India: What is your message to all amateur astronomers?

Aryan: I just want to tell these students that doesn’t matter whether you have telescope or not if you are looking at the sky you are finding your origin in the COSMOS! Keep exploring and keep discovering your passion no matter what! Follow your passion!

Suke India: Do you aspire to become a scientist or an astronomer in the future?

Aryan: I want to become an Astronaut, but currently I am looking at the skies though not travelling the space, so I am an Astronomer. Lol!

Suke India: You recently met Sunita Williams, how was the experience?

Aryan: The experience is just amazing. I still can’t believe that I met her. A very awesome woman and a very simple lady she is.

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One of his post, after winning a gold medal in astronomy, last year from Zlife Education, reads, “This gold medal credits goes to Chewing Gum because whenever I do night observations, many times I sleep, but while eating Chewing Gum, my mouth always work so no need to sleep! I always try to learn something new and educate the people to go for Astronomy!” 

So, let’s cheer for his efforts and let us all fall in love with the Cosmos!

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