A supercharged athlete deserves some super charged equipments that would not only assist him/her during training, but also provide some efficient metrics to determine his/her fitness potential.

Various fitness gadgets have set a trend in market, but let’s talk about some amazing gadgets that should exist in the bucket list of every athlete.

URPOWER Running Belt

URPOWER is a running waist belt, which is known for its multi functionality. It has zipper pockets, two water bottles, a waist pack and a water resistant waist bag, which can be used for running, hiking and even cycling.athlete gadgets - URPOWER Running belt

URPOWER has a good compatibility with iPhone, Android and every other smartphones. It is made up of Neoprene making it light-weight and hence durable. Also, the material is both water-resistant and tear-resistant, thereby extending the operating life of product. It has slots for headphones and pockets to hold water bottles.

The multi-functional adjustable strap of the URPOWER makes it a first choice to buy if you’re going up for a jog or running.

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Mi Band 2

With Mi Band you can monitor heart rate, track your sleep, and keep a check on other important essentials.

It is reinforced with an Aluminium casing, and consists of an anti-sweat thermoplastic mi band 2 athlete gadgetselastomer. Mi band is integrated with a Bluetooth 4.0 chip to assist with data metrics on your mobile phone and the military gravity sensors detects sleep quality and movements.

You can easily track your walking distance, amount of calorie burns, and monitor your activity levels using the band. The battery lasts for about 20 days and the band is water resistant.

You should definitely go for Mi Band, if you like to keep a regular check on your body development and if you’re a fitness freak.

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Milestone Pod

Available for both iOS and Android, Milestone Pod is a smart shoe worn device that acts like an odometer for your shoe.athlete gadgets milestone pod

No more manual tracking; with milestone pod you can discover foot strike (heel/mid/toe), cadence, stride length, leg swing, rate of impact, pace, distance, and much more.

Also, you don’t need to carry your mobile phone because it works without GPS signal and the pod has no buttons to control and has no requirement of recharging.

Milestone pod is a unique fitness product, which is very handy and can be bought right away from amazon store.

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