Amazon owns the biggest inventory of gadgets and the most innovative one always remains the bestsellers in the list. Here are some cool gadgets on amazon which you should buy right away.

All of these gadgets are handy and innovative. Check them out below.


You love your sneakers, but crave for a change in look? Well, don’t change your sneakers. Simply change your laces and this is now possible!

cool gadgets on amazon - Loop Tie LacesLaces are boring! Loops are the new “cool”. They are smart and easy to use lacing system, which not only makes your shoe look fit, but also attractive.

Loops are of single size and are comfortable fit for your sports shoes as well as sneakers. Buy any color of your choice and beat them for being cool. Loop also saves your time, because they won’t loosen and needs to be buttoned instead. So, don’t spare a minute, just go ahead and take a look because Loops is available at a cheaper price and it is a must have gadget in your shopping list.

Buy Loops at Rs 449 Only

Tile Mate

It is very common that we keep our important things somewhere and forget the place. We might sometimes end up losing our files, keys or any important objects.tile mate - cool gadgets on amazon

Tile Mate helps us to find our lost objects and keep a track of things whenever we need them. It is a best selling bluetooth tracker, which is tiny, yet beautiful in design. It can be attached to a particular file, keys or bags, or any other important thing and Tile Mate does the job easily.

The sleek design makes it handy and attachable to your favorite purse, wallet, keys or even your bicycle.

The app helps you trace your object or also helps you ring it to locate its current position. Buy Tile Mate and never forget your belongings.

Buy Tile Mate on Amazon

Ztylus Switch

Exclusive for iPhone 7 Plus users, Ztylus Switch is a 6-in-1 Dual Optics Lens System. It is lightweight, portable and affordable to buy.

Cool gadgets on Amazon - Ztylus SwitchIrrespective of its compact design, it has full functionality and can quickly change between the 3 sets of lenses, that work perfectly with the iPhone 7’s dual camera system.

Switch 6 Lens Kit’s 120 degree wide-angle, 10X Macro, 20x Super Macro extends your optical zoom range and captures variety of shots which are not possible by the normal camera of your phone.

Installing Ztylus Switch with your mobile phone is very easy. First attach your case to the mobile and then the lens to the case. The ultra-portability and amazing features surely makes it a best-buy under your mobile camera accessories.

Buy Ztylus Switch on AmazonĀ 

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