Exercising daily has many benefits and staying up to your workout goals will reap unexpected results. If you have never really exercised before, or are working out after a long break, here are three major things you should note that will happen to your body when you start exercising regularly.

Major Changes that will happen to your body when you start exercising daily

Things Happens to Your Body When You start Exercising Regularly

Initial Days of Exercise Rejuvenates and Energize Body

First day of exercise is always overwhelming and rejuvenates body. As soon as you finish the first day routine, you will experience an activeness within. It happens because there is a spike in the concentration of oxygen in the blood, and an increase in blood-flow towards the brain, resulting in a feeling of positivity about everything.

The upcoming days are always difficult, as they will make your body sore and stiff. This is because your body is not habitual to the sudden changes you have implemented, therefore it will take time to adapt. Once you develop a routine for a few weeks, you’ll feel much better when you workout.

Exercise also boosts your energy levels due to an increase in mitochondria. Mitochondria are the power house of your body cells and continuous exercise will expand their number. So, development of a large number of mitochondria produces a lot of energy within the body, hence making you healthier and resilient.

Growth in Muscular Strength and Bone Density

Regularity in exercise does not just boost your efficiency and energy, but also develops muscle tissue and hence improves your body strength.

When your body is not exposed to workouts or exercise, fat dominates over muscles and hence the consumption of protein and stretching of muscles tissue is essential for muscular growth.

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It takes around six months of consistent efforts to develop muscle tissue and project a good body shape. Additionally, the bone density increases if you exercise daily for six to twelve months. This assures that people suffering from osteoporosis, a bone disease, can recover their bone strength if they stick with their goal for several months or at least a year.

An Year Full of Efforts Can Make You Mentally Stronger

Exercise benefits you not only physically, but it also boosts your nervous system. First timers experience a huge shift in mentally, and become motivated about their goals. They become more alert, more aware and the release of epinephrine hormones makes them smarter.

But maintaining your schedule consistently will be the most strenuous task out of everything. If you stick with your exercise routine for more than six months, you are likely to convert it into a habit.

After hard work of 12 or more months, you will notice an amazing transformation within your body. Be it an increase in endurance, strength or mental fitness, you are no longer the same as you were on the first day of your training.

Although, it is challenging to exercise daily, if you overcome you are surely going to live upto your dreams.

Here’s a video by Tech Insider, which will take you through graphical journey of what happens when you exercise regularly.

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