Generation of 21st century know about his history and records, but lucky are those who watched Muhammad Ali’s power packed boxing on the arena. Known as “The Greatest“, Muhammad Ali was a famous sports figure during 20th Century, who wrestled with the Alligators, tussled with whale then handcuffed the lightning and thrown thunder in jail.

From Clay Cassius to Muhammad Ali, the three times heavyweight champion did innumerable surprising things throughout his life journey, but these are the 5 crucial facts that everyone should know. quote-ali-muhammad

Stolen Bicycle launched his Boxing Career

Clay owned a red and white colored Schwinn bicycle, which was stolen, when he was 12 years old. After that incident, he visited Joe Martin, a cop at Kentucky, who was also a boxing coach and clay told him that he will “whup” them who stole his cycle. Joe asked him to learn to fight before fighting and then after filling the report of stolen bicycle, he handed Clay, a gym application. After winning few battles, Martin found the calibre in Clay and taught him the basics of boxing and together they won Kentucky Golden Glove titles, two national Amateur Athletic Union titles, and eventually a gold medal in the 1960 Rome Olympics. And then the journey never stopped.

Not just a boxer, but also a Musiciansinger-muhammad-ali (1)

Although he was famous for his prophetic poetry, but not many knew that Muhammad Ali had a Talent of singing.  In 1964, before his first fight with the reigning heavyweight champion Sonny Liston, he released an album with Columbia Records, titled “I am the Greatest”, which was made up from his famous poems. In the song, he was praising himself and predicting Sonny’s upcoming defeat, which showed how confident and positive minded Ali was. He didn’t stop here, he sung other albums “The Gang’s All Here”, “Stand by me” but then after conversion into Islam and the name change, Columbia Records removed albums from the stores immediately.

Gloves wore by Ali earned more than the Victory itself

Ali bragged a winning prize amount of $630,000 , after securing his first heavyweight Championship title in 1964. But, 50 years to the day of his first heavyweight title, an anonymous bought the gloves of Muhammad Ali, which he wore during finals in the seventh-round technical knockout, for $836,000. Ali would have never imagined the worth of his gloves after winning the title.

Muhammad Ali was afraid of Flying

The furious boxer, known for his master skills was afraid of no human, but Flying. While getting ready to go for Rome Olympics, 1960, Ali realized that they have to fly there. He was such terrified that he asked if he could travel on a boat till the destination.

Though Joe Martin, convinced Ali for flying, but to seek assurance, Ali bought a parachute which he wore all the way to Italy and some said he was praying for the whole journey and tried a lot to keep his mind off. After coming back to USA, he bought a bus for his upcoming tours, saying, a bus won’t fall off 30,000 feets like a plane does.sister-muhammad-ali

Though later, he overcame this fear after conversion, saying Allah wouldn’t let him die in a plane crash.

Ali freed Hostages from Iraq

When Kuwait was attacked by the well known Iraq dictator, Saddam Hussein for oil disputes, in 1990s, a lot many americans were kept as hostages. Ali, who was suffering from Parkinson’s disease after his retirement from boxing, stepped into the controversy even though he was not fit.

He held talks with Saddam Hussein and stood in Iraq for weeks with a proposal to lend land, and help the hostages.Even when he ran out of medication for his disease, he decided not to go back to USA, but negotiated well with Saddam Hussein and kept visiting shrines. Fights on the boxing arena were over for Ali, but the Fighter inside him was never dead and managed well to bring 15 Americans back to home, who owed their lives to Muhammad Ali.


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