Travelling is one of the most enjoyable, exhaustive and rewarding task that makes you crave for more. Once you get addicted to explore the world, your goals to travel more keeps on increasing. But before you travel, keep notice of few things that will make your journey memorable. Know what these experienced travelers do to make their journey unforgettable.

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Love Challenges and Challenge Yourself!

No doubt you love being in comfort zone. Of course, Everyone does! But if you wish to make your travelling more entertaining and heart-throbbing, Challenge yourself! Leave out of comfort zone and travel beyond your usual boundaries because it will open you up for more opportunities that will inevitably impact your rest of life. Leaving out of comfort zone looks scary sometimes as it’s tough to leave the comforts you’ve grown with but experiencing it makes your mind limitless.

Connect, Travel and Interact with people

Many of us love to travel alone but there are others who like travelling with their companions. That’s an Individual choice, with whom they wish to travel whether alone or not. For in advise, choose a better partner – have a good connection else your journey will be miserable.  Your partner and you should have respect, love and patience for each other and also understand the each other’s freedom to explore.

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Interacting with native people when travelling becomes one of the crucial part that adds to one of experiences. Because nobody knows the land you’re visiting better than those who live there, so there’s no one better on the planet to talk about it except the natives. Looks strange at first, as there are few chances that they may not know the languages you speak. But smiles and hand gestures, which are universal, makes it easy interaction without speaking a single word. If you do speak their native language, or they happen to speak your language, ask them about their lives and open your mind to the endless intricacies of each individual experience.

Don’t be Judgmental

Just like there are ethics to live in society, there are ethics of travelling. Being judgmental is not a solution for everything out there in real world. Judging people based on their religions, races and origin is not a good option to deal with because every single person is different, Just like You. And nobody wish to be approached with preconception and judgement.

Be kind, careful and modest to all.

Time and Health, always in control

Be Time concerned because you have to travel a lot in very less time ahead.

Smart travellers never negotiate with their eating, sleeping and travel on time habits. They maintain a healthy diet on time with a proper and sufficient sleep. Sometime, too much travelling leads to exhaustion so find some of your scheduled busy travel-time for getting enough rest because your body may not be able to handle it further if you get no rest. Maintaining healthy habits will fill you with the energy necessary to continue.

Go with the flow. See no expectations

Start with a plan. Nothing starts better without a plan, so how come your journey? Prepare it even if it’s a small route. There will be many things that will go beyond your control. So just go with the flow. Say, if you wish to stay at one place for a long time (you didn’t planned to stay here) then don’t worry, Just Stay! That’s fine. let the journey take you where you want to go. And then Just Go With it 😉

Remember, too much expectation leads to Demotivation and Demotivation doesn’t define a traveller. For instance, say if you are trekking on a mountain and you wish to reach it’s peak but climatic conditions won’t allow you to reach there and hence you have to leave that idea. This disappoints you and hence make you feel regret, even though you did a lot of trekking stuff. So better don’t rely hard on expectations. Follow the “Go with the flow” principle and proceed. Better Enjoy!

Know Why do you want to Travel

Something which I should’ve discussed at first. But later I thought, it’s an important aspect every traveller should think upon and discuss after reading this post. Hence, I jotted it down at the end of the list.

Many of us are told by people that “We want to travel the world.” but none of us ask them “Why?“. If that’s me to travel the world, I wish to travel world to meet different kinds of people living in different culture, traditions etc. and to experience new Lifestyles of this creative world. For others, Travelling the world can be about seeing it’s beauty or many more things. Different People, Different Opinions!

What is your Reason to Travel the World? Curious to know! Consider the reasons, write them down to share with others who are in the same boat as you are! Guide the world to travel the World.

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