To look beautiful is the motto of every girl while attending parties, be it occasional events like wedding, diwali, etc. But, what is it that adds the charm to the good looks and intensifies the ethnic looks of Indian females?

No doubt, those sexy hairstyles with traditional mix is the best recipe to make her look appealing. From braids to glamorous curly hairstyles, there is a lot to offer for short and long hairstyles. So, let’s checkout some amazing hairstyles for girls, which will make them look elegant.

Fishtail Braidfishtail braid indian hairstyles

Fishtail Braids adds a change to common hairstyles, with a traditional mix of Indian hairstyles and the nouveau chic. Recently, tried by many bollywood stars, fishtail braid beats the heat and frizz of the other hairstyles followed during occasions. Generally, girls with medium long hair can try the messy style of fishtail braid during various occasions.

Puff Bunpuff bun ethnic indian hairstyles

A perfect puff added with a stylish bun, gives a dashing look on traditional and ethnic wears. As we know, puffy hairstyles gives a dramatic look, it creates a spectre of having thick and high volume hair. Adding a bun to the puff, increase the elegancy of the look making it more dramatic.

Plait Indian Style

plait ethnic indian hairstyle

One of the favorite hairstyles among the most traditional styles for years, Indian Plait hairstyles are very easy to put on. They are more exclusive with Sarees, while the other hair accessories or flowers adds glamour to the look.

Front Braided Low Pony


Pair it up with a suit or try it with a kurta on jeans, the front braided low pony gives a casual look that is admirable and makes it charm. Though it takes time to master the hairstyle, but once done, the cuteness is revealed with the efforts.

Chic Aryan Updochic aryan updo

Framed by thick and elegant braid, Chic Aryan Updo makes a fancy bun updo, which is most preferred hairstyle during wedding events. Round prints of an attire and small crystals can be used for decorating the petals like curly style, which makes it an attractive coiffure.

Side Curly Downdoside curly downdo

Downdo is another cute Indian hairstyle, which is attention seeker if allowed the mix of fashion, which is very common in the modern world. Be it an Updo or Downdo, adding of braids, curls or free-flowing loose, makes it stylish. While adding curls to the short hair makes it marvellous, the long hair are adored with messy braided style with huge accessories to make it perfect and grand look.

Voluminous Long Hairstyle

voluminous long ethnic indian hairstyle

Another hairstyle for wedding events, Voluminous Long hairstyles with flowers, describes the feminine beauty and styles up with mystique looks. This simple hairstyle can be familiarized with long dwando and some added volume with the curls only for the long lock ends.

Next time, if you end up with some messy hairstyles for any occasional event, try to add braids, or curls to make it another attractive hairstyle.

Cover Image Model: Vishakha Kalambe
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