India is a country having diverse cultures that varies from one region to another. North to South, East to West, you will come across 100s of regions that are varied in linguistics, traditions, castes, customs etc.

But, even if there are too many differences between the communities, there is some kind of connection that draws similarities among their traditions, cultures and the customs.

Digging up deep, we found how Bengalis and Malayalis share similar bond, irrespective of the fact that one belongs to the East and the other, to the Southernmost part of India.

What do they have in common with each other?

Let’s discuss.

That love for ‘Machchhi..’

fish, bengalis and keralites

Meal without Fish, is not at all considered as ‘Meal’. Although, it is just another stereotype, but very true because one can see their unconventional love for Fish and it is ‘undying’.

Goddamn Literaturists

literature kerala bengalis

Well, first of all, there is no word called ‘Literaturist‘ in any dictionary and I bet, after reading that heading, Keralites and the Bengalis were the first ones to find that mistake (just kidding).

But, they make the real Literati(s) who are well educated and are very keen with novels and books. So someday, when you need any recommendations about ‘good books to read next’; reach out to any bengali or malayali friend around you and they’ll help you out for sure.

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Rice and Coconuts: They take a bow

rice coconut kerala bengalis
Img Source: Revisfoodography

If it’s about coconuts and rice, no one else can beat them and say, we are the King.

From Coconut oil to chutney, they produce everything. Don’t hesitate because, you know that you damn love it.

The intimacy with ‘Communism’

communism bengalis keralites

Both Bengalis and the Malayalis share their inclination towards the LEFT. There are so many labor unions and they do not want the corporations to tap into their human capital.

They share the ideology of Laal Salaam and support everything associated with communism.

Oiling the hair is must..

The first thing a North Indian notices about a Bengali or a Malayali, is the amount of oil they apply on their hair. Although, oiling the hair keeps them healthy, but it is the bond of two different cultures possessing similar traditions we are talking about. 😉 Since, we couldn’t find any proper pictorial representation of the fact, so it doesn’t contradict the reality.

Art, Music and Dance..

kathakali bengalis kerala

Be it any art, music or a dance event, the ‘Bongs‘ and the ‘Mallus‘ (the stereotypical nicknames given by North Indians) are the ones, to rock it.

When it is about Art, the World knows it must come from any part of Bengal or be it the traditional dance, Keralites does it well with their ‘Kathakali‘.

And both share their love for music, be it classical, pop, rock, evergreen or new, they are die hard music fans.

Crazy Football Freaks

kerala bengalis football

No matter wherever they go, their love for football prevails always and this determines their identity.
Don’t believe me?

Even the best of the clubs (as well as the top footballers) in India, comes from Bengal and Kerala. Be it Mohun Bagan or FC Kochin (the first Professional Football Club in India), they are the real football freaks.

The list doesn’t ends here and in fact, you’ll find a deep connection between both the cultures in various categories from literacy rate to their attachment to the mother tongue.

So, do you think there are similar connections between any two communities of India?
Drop them below in comments and let us know.

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