GoPro easily comes to mind when thinking of action cameras. However, when you go online and do a bit of search, you’d be surprised to find a lot of other action camera brands out there.

Some of these action cameras are cheaper and has lower quality, but there are also others that are at par with GoPro but do not cost as much — case in point, the YI 4K+ Action Camera.

If this is your first time to buy an action camera, choosing one among so many choices can be an overwhelming task. Here are some of the features that you need to look into to make it easier for you to decide which action camera to buy.

Video quality

You would definitely want your action cam to have a high resolution and to produce clear footage. The highest resolution that you can find on action cameras is 4K, and this is followed by 1080p and then 720p. Depending on where you’re going to watch the videos, 720p and 1080p resolutions are already good enough. However, if you plan on viewing the footage on a 4K computer screen or TV, you might want to opt for a 4K resolution instead.

Field of view

Field of view, or FOV, refers to the width of area that your action camera can capture. When browsing through different brands and models, most action cameras have a wide-angle FOV. This is generally a good thing, but wide-angle shots in action cameras have the tendency to look slightly distorted or have a fish-eye effect. A lot of action cam users aren’t really bothered by this, but if you think that this is going to be an issue for you, it’s best to first check sample videos of the action cameras you’re considering.


Shooting in higher resolution is likely to drain the battery of your action camera faster, and this also happens if other features like WiFi and Bluetooth are continuously turned on. Typically, action cameras can last for only about two to three hours. Although there are longer-lasting ones, these action cameras may actually be more expensive or they may not have the other features you need. In this case, you might want to look into the availability of spare batteries of the other action cameras you’re considering. Don’t forget to check their prices as well.


Whether you’re underwater or experiencing snow or rain, your action camera should still be able to perform well. Note that there are action cameras with waterproof exterior, while others need to be placed inside a water-resistant case. Either way, ensure that you’re getting an action camera that is weatherproof and waterproof.


Check if the action camera you’re considering is compatible with an accessory you’re going to use. For instance, if you’re going to use your action cam for surfing, you would need to have the right mount so that you could attach the camera to the surfboard.

Other things that you should check are the connectivity features and memory of the action camera. WiFi and Bluetooth are important if you’re looking for easy transferring of files.

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