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With our amazing start-up we are working at our best to make a presence to the world. Not many knows but few of those who are concerned about Suke India, do care about us. Not just Sharing of Knowledge but also spreading awareness about happenings around us, this is what we do.

After, 8 months of service we have decided to Make a Living through this blog. May be early or may be too late but we are motivated to work better and keep writing contents. Authors at Suke India are passionate about their work and are keen to work even more. So, your help will let us grab at-least a cup of coffee which in turn will motivate authors to work at their best and with better creativity.

With our alexa ranking (As of 24 November, 2015 – World: 324,291 & India: 37,771,
Prev. on 18 Aug- World: 409,222 & India: 34,032) rising up day by day, we will help you to publicize your product/content to our readers which comes in a large number. Also, publishing ads make us to earn some penny. So that’s a win-win situation.
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Estimated visits per day: 3,880 visits / day
Estimated visits per month: 116,400 visits / month
Estimated visits per year: 1,396,800 visits / year
Estimated pageviews per day: 19,231 pageviews / day
Estimated pageviews per month: 576,930 pageviews / month
Estimated pageviews per year: 6,923,160 pageviews / year


If yes, this is how you can proceed.

At present, we provide you two types of advertisement banner spots. 

  1. Header Spot
    Ad Space with recommended size 728×90 (see below) will be provided to publish your product/event. Located right aside our Logo, header spot makes your deal worthy. It allows both text and image ad.advertise 728x90
  2. Sidebar Spot
    Ad Space with recommended size 300×250 (see below) will be provided on our sidebar to publish your product/event. Research says this is best size of publishing an advertisement as it allows both text and image to highlight your content very well.Advertise

Decide where your product fits in. And mail us your info.

Now since we are new to market, we are not price concerned but instead we care about work. The prices that you’ll see below will be subjected to change as per our progress. But they’re fixed as of now. We’ve listed the plans below. Choose as per your level of interest.

For Indian Users:

  • Trial Plan : 200 INR/ 7 Days
  • Basic Plan: 350 INR/14 Days
  • Elite Plan: 600 INR/ 30 Days

For Away Users:

  • Trial Plan :4 USD/ 7 Days
  • Basic Plan: 6 USD/ 14 Days
  • Elite Plan: 10 USD/ 30 Days

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