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3 Year of Consistency in producing the variety of content has made Suke India, a source of Opinion seekers.

We curate content for the audience who are interested in Entertainment genre, Space and Science, Sports (especially Cricket) Education, Political, as well as Social Issues, Lifestyle, Technology and Startups sector.

For the advertisers in the above niche, we are open to provide you ad space on our web pages.

Here are some stats you should follow, to knock the deal:

Avg. Daily Page Views: 1547

Avg. Monthly Page Views: 25,190

December 2017 Page Views: 47,967

2017 Yearly Page Views: 302, 281

Facebook Likes: 1.6K Followers

Instagram: 2.2K Followers

Email Subscribers: 1500

Instagram Weekly Impression: 6000

If yes, this is how you can proceed.

At present, we provide you two types of advertisement banner spots. 

  1. Header Spot
    Ad Space with recommended size 728×90 (see below) will be provided to publish your product/event. Located right aside our Logo, header spot makes your deal worthy. It allows both text and image ad.advertise 728x90

Sidebar Spot
Ad Space with recommended size 300×250 (see below) will be provided on our sidebar to publish your product/event. Since the Sidebar ad will be published right beside the article, this is most preferred ad space, which we can recommend you.AdvertiseFor quotes and prices, drop us a mail at contact [at] sukeindia [dot] com