How Affimity is different from other Social Network


With multiple social networks to access, it is so common these days to find people online and connect with them, but how likely is it possible to meet those people, sharing similar interests like you do?

Facebook, today, beats every social network in the competition, but connections in facebook are so random that, for example, when you share a Tech related post in your profile having  almost 1000 friends and followers, but with no Techies or Tech-fans, the engagement rate would not even cross 1% of the total list. So, in facebook, you got the folks to connect, but not those sharing the common interests, which won’t help you to further grow in the niche.

Similarly, Google+, which involves interactions by connecting with friends and people in your circles, but again, it encounters the issue of sharing content that has less chances to reach the crowd, which is interested in reading it. Pinterest, on the other hand, connects people based on interests, but it doesn’t allow any deeper engagements like any other social network platform.

What if, there is a need of a platform that not only connects people, but also helps them connect with the people of similar grounds and curating, as well as, sharing akin content?

Affimity is an online social media platform that helps you to connect with those people who share your interests. With over 35+ Social media Channels on Affimity, like that of, Tech, TV Shows, Cricket, Bollywood, Beauty, Fashion, Gaming, Food etc. , you can relive your moments of a social network by sharing the photos, contents or videos to those who seeks interest in it.

How does Affimity’s social platform works?

After a simple FB Login or Sign Up, you are asked to connect with several channels of your interests, so that your recommended channels are featured at the top, thus making it easy to access.

Once you get in, you can post any update (post, question, poll, etc.) into the feed of the channel based on its genre (like any food article in the ‘Food’ Channel). Also, on the top left corner of the screen, you can find the option to switch the channels, which will help you to shift back to your favorite channel. Interesting, isn’t it?

Switch Channel from the option available at the Top Left corner of the screen.

Apart from sharing posts, you can also make friends, follow bloggers, influencers and people across the world, based on the interests you share with them. So, they are well versed with their motto, which asks people to Come, join the community of people like you, Engage, to increase your connections and Belong, to the world where people sharing your passions.

So, I have already signed up (follow me on Affimity) and enjoying the leads from the platform! Are you ready to re-imagine the social network as a collection of various social channels?

Don’t forget to connect the channels of your interests, right from your Android smartphones and iPhone by downloading the Affimity App from Play Store and App Store, respectively.

Which social channel are you going to tune in, with Affimity?

Let us know in the comments below.

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