Inspired by Airlift Operation of Indians from Kuwait 1990, Airlift is no less than a tribute to the unsung Indian Heroes who were never mentioned in history or any records. Spectacular cinema, coupled with patriotism, brings out one of Akshay Kumar’s best till date! “Aaj ke baad mai kabhi yeh nahi keh sakunga ki mere desh ne mere liye qa kiya! Mere desh ne mere liye wo kiya joh, kisike desh ne unke liye nai kiya” and Akshay delivers what the film really meant to do.

Akshay Steals It!

With movies like Baby, Holiday, Gabbar is Back and now Airlift, Akshay finally means business. After spending more than a decade in the industry he is finally doing the best he should. Icing on the cake is the response of the audience. After Airlift, every person is now probably waiting for his next works for sure.

The film team

Without boring you, I would like to get another big man into focus. The director, Raja Krishna Menon! Through the characters, especially Ranjit Katyal, he definitely brings out the essence of heroism the movie demands. One cannot miss the same for all those who contributed for this largest evacuation.
Both the filmmaker and the writer gave proper justice to everyone’s character. I really would not mind Airlift without songs. The film itself binds you so much. Although the songs are good! The party song, the soulful “Soch Na Sake” by Arijit, and the last but not the least, “Vande Mataram”! They are good enough to enslave you.

The film line

The excellent first half of Airlift seems like an introduction to the character and the tragedy. The brilliant other half guarantees you Goosebumps out of Indian spirit.
Superb Arabic deliveries, local Kuwaiti people, the global scenario, and strong camerawork makes Airlift stable. The 2 hour work definitely glues you to your seats. You never get bored even for a single minute.


The real plus point of Airlift is its positive impact on the audience, which keeps them motivated and inspired. It surely is a worth watch. Airlift will LIFT your Indian spirit high in the AIR.
No doubt, it is among Akshay Kumar’s once in a lifetime performances. After seeing the response, surely the first blockbuster of 2016!
Do not miss Akshay’s fabulous dance in “Dil cheez tuze de di”!

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