[Video] An Object at Rest- Epic journey of a stone over a million years

Are we ruining nature, ourselves?


Everybody speaks about evolution of humankind since the time of formation of microbes to the time when living beings are evolved in 21st century AD. But, only few of us care about how nature was evolved from value of infinity to zero.

Seth Boyden directed an animation “An Object at Rest” explaining the adventure of nature in his short 6 min film. In his epic journey, He explained the evolution by exhibiting the life of a Stone, for a million years of his life span.


This ambitious video comes up with amazing hand-painted water color backgrounds and with a charming music. It gives us a clear idea about how are harming our nature and its resources in order to fulfill our needs and happiness. But who cares about Happiness of Nature and its resources?

Someone rightly said,

Watch this promising film that will make you realize, even nature has emotions, which we do not care at all.

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