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An agnostic, rationalist, Indian. Finds reading, writing and sketching intriguing. Writes mainly on social issues.

Remembering Shashi Kapoor: A Sneak Peek Into The Life Of Veteran Bollywood Star

shashi kapoor passed away
The demise of Shashi Kapoor brings a full stop to the second generation of the Kapoors, the biggest family of Bollywood. Not just a normal family name, Kapoor today is a phenomenon. A phenomenon that started with Prithviraj Kapoor, the patriarch of this clan...

Padmavati Row: For the honor of a fictional woman, in the country of “Men-First”!

padmavati row debate
Haryana BJP Chief Media Coordinator Suraj Pal Amu announced a whooping 10 crore for beheading Deepika Padukone and Sanjay Leela Bhansali (Guess where all the black money is?). In spite of this, if you still aren't aware of the Padmavati row, you're leading a...

Paradise Papers leak: Here’s the complete exclusive list you’re searching!

Paradise Papers leak
Yet another financial leak has sent triggers around the globe. India ranks 19th among the 180 countries with as many as 714 Indians named in the Paradise Papers. This is quite more than the Panama Papers where 426 Indians were named - a substantial...

Independence day celebrations cancelled in West Bengal? Fake News Busted!

India is celebrating its 70th Independence Day. A very Happy Independence Day to everyone. While the "normal" whole of India is in its normal festive mood, some groups are busy politicizing even the national festival of India. That's okay, it shouldn't mean so much. Afteral,...

UR Rao: The Satellite Man of India dies at 85

UR Rao
India loses a gem, as eminent space scientist and former Chairman of Indian Space Research Organization, UR Rao breathed his last on 24th of July, 2017. UR Rao was 85. Udupi Ramachandra Rao was born on the 10th of March 1932 at Adamaru in the...

Farmers in India: When will their crisis stop?

“The country’s emancipation can only be achieved by removing the clouds of lethargy and indifference which have been hanging over the peasants, who is the soul of India. We must remove these clouds and for that we must completely identify ourselves with the peasants...

Presidential Election Counting started at 11 am today, Results are out!

Presidential election
The 2017 Presidential election, to elect the 14th President of India has reached its last phase. The election held on the 17th of July, 2017, garnered an estimated 99% turnout. The Presidential Election vote counting began at 11 am today. In the meanwhile, speculations already suggest...

Amarnath Yatra Attack: 7 killed, 15 injured in terrorist firing

Amarnath Yatra attack
Militants attacked a bus carrying pilgrims from the holy Amarnath Yatra on Monday. It is a ‘first of its kind’ attack in 17 years, the last Amarnath Yatra attack being on August 1, 2000. The attack took place as militants opened fire on a bus carrying...

NotInMyName: Hindustan stands against “Lynch”istan

“Where violence is activated by the slogan that religion is in danger, there religion is also motivating political perceptions. Both demand different kind of States. An inevitably, in the ensuing violence, those least concerned with the political ambitions and occupying the lowest rungs of...

GST : Some facts you must know

At the stroke of midnight, when the world sleeps, India awakens, to social networks (because, obviously!) and the GST. Well, economics, finance, taxes are not everybody's cup of tea. But, this is definitely something you must know about. Yes! India enters one of the biggest, most...

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shashi kapoor passed away

Remembering Shashi Kapoor: A Sneak Peek Into The Life Of Veteran Bollywood Star

The demise of Shashi Kapoor brings a full stop to the second generation of the Kapoors, the biggest family of Bollywood. Not just a...
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