Among all other tools that users make use of in their daily life before the computer, Microsoft excel is seemingly the most sought after. When working on any kind of calculations or any work that takes on a tabular form, people prefer having it done on MS Excel rather than using any other tool. Compared to Ms Word where most of us have already shown and have managed to gain command over it, Ms Excel is one tricky horse tom play with. Here, we shall take a look at some of the most interesting ways to learn Ms Excel in the best possible manner. Let’s find out how.

Using the Application Window

When you start Excel for the first time, you are generally greeted with the Application Window. The greater part of the screen is usually taken up by the white spreadsheet, where you can key in your data and also perform your calculations as required. In total, the columns are numbered from 1-256 and rows 1-65536. At each intersection of rows and columns, it forms what is called a cell and holds the data that one punches or keys into the spreadsheet. It is essentially the cells, which make up the rows and columns put together. One of the key things that you need to know when working on the application windows and with cells is, the dark surrounding border. Usually, it signifies the active cell, the one you are currently entering or modifying data. A great way of learning the very basics of Ms Excel when working with it as a beginner is to play close attention to the several sections of the ribbon that contains commands and functionalities akin to MS Word that you can put to use during your daily work with spreadsheets.

The Built In Help Feature

The previous versions of Ms Excel included a Help menu, where one could look up when stuck with a particular command or functionality. Now, we have a smart built in help feature that works in a command and forms one of the tabs in the ribbon above. So, there are two options how you can learn working with excel. In case, you are looking to go over the basics, just start by clicking on Getting Started which shall take you to the web page where one can learn the very basics and essentials of MS office tools. On the other hand, you can simply click on Microsoft Office Help and choose from the several pre listed help topics. Once you click on it, you will be taken to a detailed page that contains a thorough analysis of the problem and its solution.

When Books are your best friend

That’s right. Learning excel also goes back to the age old way of learning and implementing the same. In other words, if you are not too easy with moving the mouse round and clicking on parts to figure out your working way around excel, you might as well refer to some study books. One can pick from series of books, like the dummies guide and the idiots guide to MS office. A quick search in Google shall be able to help you narrow down your options and offer you a nudge to learn and pick on the essentials of working with Ms Excel in a short time.

Apart from books, one can also refer to the online training sites starting with Microsoft’s own training page that offers plethora of options from choosing the right kind of skill that you have–Rookie, Intermediate and Expert and offers a comprehensive learning module for you to master excel quickly and most efficiently.

About Author: Olivia is a passionate blogger, loves to write and research about accounting & taxation . She’s engaged with an educational firm in India named ICA Edu Skills.

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