It all started with Aqlakh in 2015. Nobody says anything. Those who do, are labeled “anti-nationals”. Unfortunately, India is no longer the same. Beef isn’t just another kind of meat anymore. Religion is involved. Intolerance is rising to extremities. Cow is domineering. Man became subservient. Cow slaughter is outrageous. Man slaughter is delightful. This is new India. Beefrage is the new Nationalism.

Junaid Khan was 15. Just 15. Lynched. He wasn’t eating or carrying beef. He was not even talking about it. But, he was a Muslim. Then, Muslims consume beef. Moreover, India is now a Hindu Republic, sorry, a Hindutva den.

Hindutva den?

Let me clear the air. What is Hindutva? This is what can be predicted or seen.

Hindutva is to Hinduism what ISIS’S “Jihad” is to Islam.

Yes! This is it. Hindutva means terrorising people in the name of Hinduism. That exactly is what an image it has today. It isn’t a given image. It’s acquired.

Is Beefrage not terrorism?

No! Because, it is nationalism, right? If you consume beef, you are an anti- national. People claim that when Islamic nations can ban pork, why can’t India ban beef? Because, India isn’t a Hindu nation. India WASN’T a Hindu nation. India WAS a secular nation. Hindus and Muslims were brothers. As of now, nobody needs to tell them anything. “India” is unofficially the “Hindutva-ic Republic of India”! Specifically, a Hindu Rashtra.

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The news of people carrying dead bodies of kins themselves, in their hands, due to lack of facilities haven’t diminished. Some people have started ambulance services for cows. Compassion for animals is very noble. But this compassion fades away for goats and chicken. And fishes, prawns, crabs. Eggs and milk etc.

Mob lynching is not new now. This is regular. Hindutva-ic Republic of India has a culture. A culture of mob lynchings! Who should be blamed? Who owes the responsibility?

“His dying image will haunt me forever” said the brother of Junaid. He survived. Who shall be responsible if he took to the wrong path?

Yes BJP! You will be blamed!

This is indirect brigade of BJP. Why? BJP leaders have given everything a validation. These leaders themselves are staunch pro- hindutva. Thus, the followers too. Secularism is nothing, but minority appeasement for them.

Why shouldn’t we blame BJP? What else they do other than “Kadi Ninda” ? They have been silent. Their silence has authorized these lynchings. BJP should by now openly declare that they are only a “pro- Hindutva Party”.

Our Prime Minister’s silence is similar to his 2002’s Chief Ministerial silence. He is busy with Yoga and Mann ki Baat.

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No Modiji! Don’t dare do it!

Modiji, you are the most loved Prime Minister of India. You do awesome things. But don’t.

Modiji, don’t ever wear a skull cap and travel in a train randomly. Don’t ever try it . You will be putting your life in danger. They will kill you. Afteral, you’ll look a Muslim in skull cap. And being one is one of the biggest crime today. Muslims are anti- nationals. Because they consume beef. They will taunt you. They will abuse you. Pull your beard. This is not love. This isn’t fraternity. This is pure hate. How can somebody hate you so much?

They will call you “beef eaters”. They will call you “anti-nationals”. And then they will stab you. Till death. They will lynch you. They will kill you.

Like they killed Junaid. He was neither eating, nor carrying beef. He was not even talking about beef. Even so, he was a Muslim. And “obviously,” Muslims eat beef. Hence, they are anti-nationals.

So they killed him.

And he was 15.

Just 15.

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Beefrage is not at all about compassion for animals. On the contrary, it is a serious religious dogmatic lunaticism.

Some people still ask why all terrorists are Muslim!

It’s time to call “them” terrorists, because “this” terrorism is real!

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