Bengaluru City has Announced Free Education to the 1st Girl Child Born in 2018


To celebrate girl child, Bengaluru City hospital has announced to provide free education to the first girl child born in 2018.

The first baby girl child, in the western suburbs of Bengaluru city, was born at 00:05 am on January at the civil hospital. Later, civil hospital has announced to sponsor her education.

In an interview with IANS, a spokesman L Suresh said, “The first baby girl born five minutes after Sunday midnight in the New Year at the Rajajinagar civic hospital has been chosen for free education up to under-graduation from the interest earned out of Rs 5 lakh that will be deposited in a bank by the BBMP.”

Child’s father was very happy with the scheme and applauded the civil hospital for their initiative.

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike’s initiative encourages the Birth of Girl Child

bbmp bengaluru free education
BBMP Office Building, Bengaluru

In a society, where the birth of a girl child is generally assumed to be a misfortune, initiatives to promote and encourage birth of a baby girl are very crucial to end the misery.

One such initiative is taken by Bengaluru’s Mahanagar Palika (BBMP), who decided to educate the first girl born on New Year Day, in the civil hospital of Bengaluru City.

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BBMP has set an example for other cities and the corporate companies to provide welfare for the society and service in what is needed at the time.

In fact, more such initiatives should be encouraged and people should be taught about the importance of maintaining sex ratio in the society.

A Girl Child is a Boon, not a Bane to the society

save girl child india free education to all underprivileged
Girl is a Boon to the society!

People often show disappointment when a girl child is born. It is preassumed that a boy adds value in family when grows up, and a girl is born to take away the riches of the family with her.

Many adults in the society who are still worried of dowry and other such illicit acts are unhappy to have a girl child, whereas having a boy child will bring prosperity to the family. Those people need to be educated and made aware about the causes and problems that could occur in the near future.

Also, one needs to notice the responsible factors like dowry, male dominance in the society, which are the primary reasons for people unwilling to give birth to a girl child.

With a variety of opportunities and initiatives to promote equality that are being encouraged in India, people should act against killing of girl child, which is still happening in so called, ‘prosperous states of India’.

Just like any boy, a girl is a boon to the society. So, let’s not call the beautiful creation of nature, a misfortune without giving her an opportunity to express.

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