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3 Things Happens to Your Body When You start Exercising Regularlyvideo

3 Things Happens to Your Body When You start Exercising Regularly

Exercising daily has many benefits and staying up to your workout goals will reap unexpected results. If you have never really exercised before, or...


kavitha bharanidaran nonstop yoga

Chennai’s Kavitha Broke World Record for Performing 170 Hours of Yoga...

Yoga is accustomed to be a spiritual practice for mind, soul and body healing. It has no religion boundaries and no age limits. Anybody...
spacex big falcon rocket

SpaceX Future Plans for the Big Falcon Rocket and Mars

Ever since 2001, SpaceX has been leading the race at developing innovative space technologies to make humans a Multi-Planet species. Elon Musk proposes to...
light pollution suke india

Effects Of Light Pollution: Why You Must Care?

We all have studied the three basic types of pollution in our early lives - air, water and land pollution. But do you know...