We are living in a world where your body plays a vital role in deciding where you stand, but this is partially true. And if we look deeper into this topic we will find that it is not just our body which creates an impression on others it is our body image. Confused? Well don’t be. Let’s find out what it is. Body image is what we feel about our bodies and how we feel in it rather than what a bunch of people think about it. Body image is what we see and imagine how we look like.

We all have body images, we all have our way of looking at ourselves. What do you see when you look in mirror? What do you believe about your own appearance? How do you feel about your body? Do you love your shape, height and weight ? Do you sense control over your body as you move?

It’s just not about  what you feel about your body it’s more about how do you feel in it. We all have feelings about how we look we even do have our own ideas what other people might think of our looks. Our body images range from positive to negative. Many of us have to struggle with our body images since our it changes according to the emotional status of an individual. Perhaps it is very difficult to understand the mixed feelings and come to a point.



Basically, people with a positive body images are satisfied with their body, they appreciate themselves. They don’t feel ashamed of their body parts. They usually tend to form positive impression on others about their body by being very confident in it. They always see that they really are and never compare themselves with the so called ideals out there. They feel proud to own their bodies. They know how to love themselves and never consider their looks as their short-comes or of greater importance than their self-worth.



The people who own a negative body image are ashamed of their body. They are not satisfied with what they have got even if it is good enough. negative-body imageThese people tend to think that their body doesn’t measure up to the family, social or media ideals. They measure themselves up against the beauty commonly seen in media. They do not even see themselves as truly they are. They tend to see in mirror a body with anomalies, they find their limbs too short or their nose too flat or their abdomen protruding out whereas in real there’s nothing wrong in them everything’s perfectly fine with them. They just create a fake image of their body and drag themselves into a dreadful illness known as Depression. However, it can be cured by the encouragement and support of family and friends, but it is strongly recommended to consult a professional counselor.

How negative body image develops

It is when family members and friends start picking out odds in a person pinch him/her with their sharp taunts. This leads the person to a phase where he becomes too self-conscious and awkward.  Person eventually starts cooking up negative thoughts about his/her body then ends up hating it and wanting to get rid of the body. This way they mostly fall prey to easy sexual exploitation. According to a survey negative body images are mostly owned by girls since they tend to change a lot after puberty hits them. They have a difficult time accepting the changes in their bodies so suddenly and affect their physical, emotional and psychological health. While boys of the same age will undergo changes but a little later and will be facing it in a better way than girls.


What happens when someone owns a negative body image for a longer time period they tend to face a lot of problems. When people fail to accept their body as it is they try to change it according to their desire  and one of the consequences is that they are more likely to catch eating disorders like Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia nervosa. In case of negative body image Anorexia is the most commonly seen disorders. A person suffering from anorexia eats too much at a time and then voluntarily vomit everything out as soon as possible in order to stay slim. This type of disorder is known as binge and purge type of disorder. It is very difficult to diagnose this disorder but once detected it can be cured by drugs prescribed by an expert and attending motivational seminars.

Everyone might be thinking in a world which constantly shows you narrow definition of beauty, how can one maintain a healthy body image. So, here are some easy steps to follow for a healthy positive body image

  • Remember, health and appearance are two different things. Beauty has different meanings for everyone.
  • Accept and value your genes – Your structure is a gift passed on to you as inheritance. So, love it as you love your family.
  • See how many good qualities you have not your body parts because skills and talent speak more than you do.
  • Make sure you are around the people who are positive and support you, people you can count and who never stand a chance of looking down on you ever.
  • Never pick on anyone about their body or their size. As you know you have to treat people the same way you want to be treated
  • Make yourself feel good about your body. Whenever you wake up go straight to a mirror and say this aloud “You in the mirror are the most beautiful/handsome person in the world and I love you” might sound funny, but really boosts up your confidence.allsizes

And always remember, one size never fits all. So, accept the way you are cause you are amazing just the way you are. Stay positive , stay fit and stay beautiful.



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