Wednesday, August 23, 2017


We are willing to expand, and true to our words, a simple blogging site started on 16th of December, 2014, Suke India has now established citizen journalism, promoting startups along with content writing. Today Suke India has columns like,
Ur story: An open-to-all section, promising citizen’s journalism,
Interviews: Of not only very popular faces, but everyone whose journey could be a Message,
Startup Stories: By Sharing startup stories, we help the startups grow their network, by writing about them and spreading the word to our readers.
Reviews: Of movies, games, products etc which you want to share or let others know,
Along with Blogs, most used, freedom of topic, any of your interest, being the real advantage.
Suke India is started for people from every walks of life. You are not a professional blogger? That’s never a problem. Even if you are a novice and want to try your hand at blogging, we will always welcome you. Suke India will help you boost your writing skills and turn your hobby to, perhaps a Profession-to-be’.
Don’t be afraid about your work being stolen, Suke India owns the copyright of all that it has. We do not want credit, we wish to earn our own respect and dignity.¬†Our best achievement would be when we see that we are doing “our bit, our way“, to help everyone enhance. We won’t look back and we will write a new story every moment for a better tomorrow, an enhanced India and an enhanced world. We need you, Come, Join Us, Lets Share Knowledge and Enhance India.

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Not just another news, blogging and entertainment website, Suke India believes in startup growth and promotes citizen journalism by introducing Ur Story column added with interview panel to inspire its readers.

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