It was in 1923, when root cause for development of cancer was detected. Sadly, majority of people do not know what it is. The main reason behind this is the pharmaceuticals and food industries keeping it secret for years and not revealing that there is a cure for cancer. This knowledge should have been known to all, as it would have helped in treatment of cancer affected patients.

A German medical doctor, physiologist and scientist, Otto Heinrich Warburg, received Nobel Prize in 1931 for the revolutionary discovery.  He discovered that unhealthy diet and lifestyle develops acidic environment within the body, which further leads to development of cancer. Cancer cells start blooming up because acidic environment causes removal of oxygen from cells. Thus, increase in acidic environment in body is the root cause of cancer.

According to Warburg, if 35% of oxygen is removed from healthy cells, it will take two days to convert normal cell to cancer cell. Also, glucose and anaerobic conditions assist cancer cells to grow and spread.

Healthy lifestyle requires proper nutrition. The kind of food one consumes, determines the acid-base environment within the body. The acidity and alkalinity amount is measured by logarithmic scale known as pH. It ranges from 14 to 0, with 7 measured as neutral. For a healthy body, pH should be slightly greater than 7, while an acidic body has pH less than 7.


There are many things like sugar, cheese, milk, salt, alcohol, etc. that decreases pH value, hence making the environment inside body, acidic. Even processed foods and drinks results in acidity.

The best advice to alkalize body, is more consumption of fruits and vegetables and also, drinking of enough water throughout daily schedule. Sixty percent of diet should include alkalizing food and also, being physically active is another factor that helps in maintaining healthy lifestyle.

Cancer has affected lives of many and is still a major problem, as report by WHO states the number of cancer patients will thrive by 70 percent over next two decades.  Also, they have stated “Around one third of cancer deaths are due to the 5 leading behavioural and dietary risks: high body mass index, low fruit and vegetable intake, lack of physical activity, tobacco use, alcohol use.”

Best cure for cancer is to have a healthy lifestyle and being wise about diet. Also, one should remember this great line,

So, let’s spread awareness and start helping cancer patients. Don’t end it here, before helping someone, ensure that you have a healthy lifestyle so that no disease can harm your body. Dr. Otto Warburg, himself quoted,

Got the cure for cancer?

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