There are heroes, there are superheroes, and then there is DeadPool. I could not express it better. Minting over $135M in the opening week, it has defeated every single marvel‘s superhero films. It is so far the highest grossing X- rated movies. Deadpool proves true to all the expectations you had since its trailer release. It is a complete package for any Hollywood action admirer. People were curiously waiting for this, ever since its release dates were announced.

The StoryLine

A simple plot, but expertly dealt with. Deadpool is really an amazing, and based on its adaptation- the best comic book based, superhero flick I have ever seen.

Okay, enough of being caramel, lets enter the plot. Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool, who fights his deadly cancer only to get superpowers in return- he becomes a mutant. The villain Francis, also a mutant, tries to kill him. When his attempt fails, he kidnaps his girlfriend. So, the “once normal” Ryan turns Deadpool- the best-est anti hero of recent times. He, then along with some other X-men, fights to get his love back. A simple story.

But there’s definitely more than that. A lot more actually! And to know that, you need to watch it yourself. The story binds you and the end is gonna grip you.

The Verdict

Do not miss the opening credits. From the very beginning, notice the quality of the film, you feel the special effects. The excellent soundtrack by DMX adds the extra medal. Hilarious dialogues throughout the film, especially during the action sequences will keep tickling your stomach till you go crazy.

The Hindi dubbed version is even crazier. There’s “Mera Joota Hai Japani…” soundtrack playing in the background, which keeps your moments lighter. You watch Deadpool English or the Hindi dubbed, it is capable of entertaining you to the fullest. It worths your every bucks and penny.

Here’s my special advice, try it in Hindi, and you will roll the floor laughing. And of course, its Marvel’s. So wait until all the credits ends, there’s always something remaining.

Its Deadpool!

So, if you love action, humor, wit, and a bit of love story, you should definitely give it a nod. Deadpool is one of the most humorous comic superheroes you will ever find. Bad Ass, Smart Ass, Great Ass, Deadpool! And a much better love story for this valentines, it’s a worth watch.

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