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“Guys this is my Personal Story! Please READ AND SHARE !

My friend Mr Palash Saha had sent me a Laptop HP brand Model No. 15-P236TX with Value over 80000Rs on 19.11.2015 under the above consignment note through DTDC Courier Service from Kolkata. An insurance for Rs.20000/- was also availed and paid for. The laptop was delivered on, Tuesday 24th November around 5:30 PM and when I opened the package, I was shocked, and, at same time saddened to see the laptop body and screen were broken in Multiple places; and, the adapter and battery damaged, although individually packed. The laptop did not turn on. I informed Mr. Dipankar at DTDC Kolkata office, within one hour of receipt, and he said that he will talk to DTDC management on next day (25/11/2015) and revert back to me. I also informed DTDC cargo Airport Shamshabad office informer Mr. Devender and was asked to contact the next day, (25/11/2015). I returned home from office at 9pm and tried calling the Regional office. The call went unanswered. The next day DTDC customer care finally picked my call and I explained them everything and they lodged a complaint with number 01143093 and promised to return back within 24 hours but till date there is no response. There is no reply to email I sent them. I talked to the kolkata office yesterday and his words were “Laptop replacement toh aap bhool jahiye , who toh hum karenge nhi. Insurance money jitna mil jaye ussi me khush raho”. Meaning that they won’t replace laptop in any case and asked me to be happy with whatever insurance money I get if any. I kept tracking this package since Friday, the 20th of November it kept update status As ‘IN TRANSIT’ and at Hyderabad airport. The weekend passed and hoped I
will receive Monday But received today Tuesday 24th November. That is it had arrived in Hyderabad 5 days ago and still was not delivered. I kept calling different branches throughout this time to enquire about the laptop but no one answered properly.

Going by the DTDC tracking status, it had arrived at Hyderabad on Friday,
20th November at 02:34 PM. DTDC delivers on Saturdays but this package was not delivered on Saturday or Monday. It raises doubts that the laptop and accessories were probably ‘received broken’ at Hyderabad Airport OR Damaged and broken during handling at Hyderabad airport and DTDC team was delaying delivery for reasons best known to them.

I am attaching pictures which are self-explanatory.

I have, this July, passed out from M.Tech (Avionics) from Amity University and joined at Hyderabad 3 months ago. This laptop was a gift by my elder brother who is working hard to make ends meet and he saved the money and bought the laptop to assist me with my future and career. I am very saddened. 80000 is a lot of money. I am going through this loss in beginning of my career.


I request DTDC to depute a personnel to inspect the breakage and DTDC should arrange to replace with the same laptop.

I Have literally lost hope after hearing some of the DTDC officials. Is this my FAULT?
DTDC should accept their mistake and give me a replacement.
I really want the help of my fellow youth to find me justice.  Please guys share this post .”

To contact Harsh Gupta for any concerns or help, please refer below


The Reference number of the package and Issuer branch is listed below as:

REF: Consignment no.D25051850 dated 19.11.2015
Issued at DTDC Branch : New Barrackpore CCU Airport

Please Share this story among your friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. Let’s make it a big news and spread it all across the country unless Harsh get JUSTICE. If we ignore this today, someone in this country in some other part will suffer the same and will have to approach media to take action. So let’s support the cause and raise voice against DTDC for their irresponsibility while delivering packages. Share your views and opinions in the comments section below. Let’s stand together and give Harsh Justice.



11/12/2015- DTDC only gave replies that they are working, but they haven’t shown up since then. Here’s what they said in twitter.

And then when I tried to ask them after a week about any update, there was no reply.

It’s 11 December and no response.

Also, recently harsh gupta posted this on his facebook. Do share this post and let us all stand by Harsh Gupta and give him justice.

COME ON WAKE UP ?!?!?! DTDC India what Rubbish is going on at your KOLKATTA OFFICE ? Is this how they talk to customers…
Posted by Harsh Gupta on Friday, December 11, 2015



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  1. Bro, hope DTDC must pay for the damages of your belongings you paid for the servicing. Hope you get justice.
    But when you paid 52,500 for repairing the Laptop you could have purchased a new Laptop with equivalent configurations. you should have got known the cost estimation after diagnosis process of your broken laptop.

  2. DTDC has shown how responsible they are. Many of us had read what happened with harsh gupta. I will not consider dtdc services if these things happens and hope many will follow same.
    Dtdc showed their reputation.


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