The Interview with Vibhor Goel, Founder & CEO, Deliver My Tune would guide or give information to aspiring students, who wish to start their own company very soon.


Interview By: Sanket Kalambe

Editing: AlexandertheCosmonaut

Personality#1: Vibhor Goel, CEO & Founder, Deliver My Tune

Suke IndiaWhat is Deliver My Tune?

Vibhor: Deliver My Tune is India’s first “aggregator based” website for Digital Music Distribution. DMT is the much awaited dream, to be realised by novice musicians and artists.

Suke IndiaWhat motivated you to formulate the need for a Music Distribution Company?

Vibhor: A long time back, when I was managing the release of an album, I realised The physical release was alot quicker and easier than the digital release, which at that time proved to be a painstaking effort. Then, I conceived the idea for the existence for a Digital Music Distribution platform.

Suke IndiaHow did you transform your idea into a reality?

Vibhor: I would say there is no ‘Mantra’ for it, but what I can assert is that if you want to transform a dream into reality, hard work is an inevitable factor. In simple words, the day you lift your head is the day you will realize that you are living the dream.

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Suke IndiaWhat were the challenges you faced while making this project successful?

Vibhor: There were obstacles and challenges initially. I believe, it’s a part of an entrepreneur’s journey. The major challenge was to convince the Indian authorities and make them believe that such an idea was applicable. The present challenge we are facing right now is that some people are un-aware about digital distribution, so it is taking time to gain popularity.

Suke IndiaHow big is the market for your services/product and how fast is it going to grow?

Vibhor: The market size is unknown as of now, if we consider the Indian market, then I would say it is around $150 million. It is expected to be worth $300 million by 2020. I could say the market value is worth $15 billion as of the world’s music revenue.

Suke IndiaHow organized is your team? Do they cooperate well, according to the needs of the company?

Vibhor: The team is very well organized and coordinated. I do not think I could ever find a more hard-working team. Yes, there have been minor incidences in team at times. The effective performance of the team is commendable and consistent.

Suke IndiaAny Startup initiates with a problem solving agenda, how do you think Deliver My Tune tackles this initiative?

Vibhor: Musicians in India need a platform where they can showcase their talent. The market was always ruled by preceding organisations that had rooted themselves into the market. Deliver My Tune is providing an alternative and is trying to provide an equally accessible platform to every individual.

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Suke IndiaApart from managing your work for the company, you’re also busy with your graduation. How do you manage time for work, college and personal life?

Vibhor: This is a subject of discussion which I have been hearing in the most recent of times. It may be,

Suke IndiaWill Deliver My Tune create employment opportunities in the future?

Vibhor: Yes, definitely. My perspective dictates that, it is not imperative that a good engineer needs a B.tech or M.tech degree. Or that even a good manager has to have an M.B.A. Hardworking individuals do not need originate from conventional training.

Suke IndiaAs the CEO of India’s only registered Music Aggregator, Deliver My Tune, how does it feel being given the responsibility to lead the company?

Vibhor: Slightly stressful, but I believe that an appropriate answer to this question can be given in the near future, as we are still in a very early stage of development.

Suke IndiaYour Startup logo looks fascinating. What does it represents/mean?

Vibhor: This is among the rarest questions, to be asked. Our logo showcases the potential “Strength” of music. We have tried to portray a Phoenix, which is considered to be one of the most powerful creatures of all time. We wanted to show that Deliver My Tune is really a strong platform, as the Phoenix is and when combined with your music, it can achieve all heights.

Suke India: Where do you see yourself, in the next two years?

Vibhor: In two years, we see our market expand to Delhi-NCR, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and hopefully towards Mumbai.

Suke India: Anyone you wish to thank for their support for making Deliver My Tune a successful venture?

Vibhor: As of now i can ascertain, that we have a long way to go, but yes everyone in my life has a role in making this venture, a reality. My friends, family, team and any other person in my life.

Suke IndiaWhy do you think investors will be fascinated to fund DMT?

Vibhor: Investors will be interested in this project because DMT is a new addition to the market with a high potential. There is a huge scope for innovation in this market. There will always be something versatile to broaden market and create opportunities for the aspiring artists and therefore, to the company.



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