“Festival of lights”, the term generally resembles the holy festival of India, which is Diwali. But, in Purushwadi, a village about 160kms North of Pune, it is a festival of fireflies that lights up the village and encourage tourists to see the mesmerizing beauty of nature.

In the midst of June and July, the people of Purushwadi, collaborate with the tourists, who visits this tribal village from different regions of the country to experience this wonderful journey and take a glimpse of the dazzling fireflies.

Kazwa: A Million Lanterns

We are all fond of the fireflies (Kazwa in Marathi, Jugnoo is Hindi) and having a sight of millions of fireflies coming all together and lighting up the woods across the countryside, is something which is beyond imagination.

fireflies festival kazwa
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They say, Purushwadi is a place where the fireflies dance together and all thanks to this splendid short-film ‘Kazwa: A Million Lanterns‘ by Camera And Shorts, which is Internationally acclaimed at several film festivals and it has inspired me to write about the attachment of the localites to the fireflies and how respectfully they invite people to spend their time watching these beautiful fireflies.

The short film demonstrates the misfortune of the village due to blazing heat and the terrible famine over the years, but still possessing a strong bond with the nature and its fireflies.

An Ode to the Village..

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“Dry Famine has struck
Oh God! Dry Famine has struck..
The Sun has scorched the Earth
..even the rivers have dried.
Animals are searching for fodder..
and the guts are empty inside..”

The people in village are the only caretakers of the fireflies and protects them like a family. They heartily welcome the travelers, by cooking food for them and getting involved at various activities held during the festival.

The Grassroutes Initiative: Fireflies Festival

Grassroutes, an organization with a purpose to promote Eco and village tourism, has taken an amazing step to encourage the Purushwadi people to flaunt the beauty of their village, globally.

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They have set this amazing fireflies festival, where you can not only explore the village, but also lay camps and enjoy the fireflies doing startling stuff. The festival includes camping, jam sessions, bonfires and traditional food to accolade this wonderful event.

Don’t miss to see these magnificent creatures this year during the festival (initiated on 3rd June and lasts till 3rd July, 2017) and relish their awesomeness.

Fireflies are tiny, but inspiring and majestic.

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Fireflies do not last for long time, they die early, but it is amusing, as well as inspiring to see their ability to enlighten us in a very short span and their presence on mother earth has kept us spellbound.

The beauty of nature can be explored by Travelling and stay tuned with our #TravelDiary for more such wonderful stories.

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