We all desire to own a Happy Living, be it at any stage of life. But are we doing fair enough to let the happiness transpire in our lives?

Let us discuss five simple rules that will make you strive for the real happiness and ensure happy living

Rule 1: Don’t be Overly emotional – Have Faith

Having faith is the root of happiness because it generates trust, and trusting someone to be something helps us cope up with our overly emotions and be normal, which promotes happiness.

Rule 2: Don’t ever give up – Keep Trying

A single failure can lead to turmoil and shatter all our goals within few moments and make us forget about the hard work involved in striving to achieve the ambition.

But I recommend, don’t let that thought perish all your dreams and let the positive thoughts drive in to keep you going and one day, you might overcome your failure and attain success. So, Keep Trying and never give up, always seek for one more try.

Rule 3: Don’t Make things complicated- Keep it simple.

Making things complicated is a natural human tendency, which can be prevailed only by keeping it simple. The more simple they are, the less complex it becomes, which will make you more productive at work and other tasks.

Productivity adds to fine results which will further lead to happiness.

Rule 4: Don’t take things too seriously – Laugh at problems

Problems, when taken seriously, will become a serious issue and further create more mess. Taking it lightly would help rather, laugh at your problems and don’t be tensed.

It’s not an easy task to simply ignore the problem, because you know the more it is ignored, the more it grows its roots and affects somewhere in your future.

Overcoming that problem would result in happiness and you need to go through the problem, in order to overcome it. As a wise man said,

Rule 5: Don’t be a grown up – Be youthful as a kid.

As we grow up, we tend to forget what we have learnt during our childhood and not just that but, we lose the tenderness and innocence of not caring who you are, or where you’re from as far we get the ‘love’.

Being youthful as a kid helps to solve many problems in itself, as we have this tendency to forgive people, laugh at mistakes, ignore what is not important and care for loved ones. Well, in a precise manner, this is the real happiness.

Do not careĀ about what others have because this won’t make you happy, but loving your own self, knowing what you have and understand the purpose of life will drive in the happiness to lead a cheerful life.


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