After SMART HOMES…it’s time for SECURE HOMES!

Emergencies can arrive at anytime, anywhere…even at home! Be a clever homeowner and turn your home into a secure living space with these home security equipments.

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Your home is your castle! Being one of the biggest investments, keeping it secure is today the top priority of the homeowners.

In such a scenario, when everything around is becoming “techy”, why not our home security?

Technology has been evolving with every passing day. Myriads of new stuffs are coming up in the digital space around. Hence, today it isn’t difficult for us to control our home living even remotely wirelessly. With the home innovation gadgets, we can now safeguard our home and family members simply than ever before.

Spy camera, alarms, motion sensors and more – the choices have skyrocketed in the past few years. With these home security gadgets, homeowners can now attain peace of mind all just with touch of a switch.

For your convenience, here is an up-to-date guide to some of the popular home security devices. Without further ado, take a look at the five gifts from technology that can turn any house into a Secure Smart Home.

Wire-Free HD Monitoring with Arlo Smart Home Security Camera

Wireless, crystal clear video, weatherproof and battery-operated – the Arlo Smart Home Security Camera is the first security gadget to be the 100% wireless Wi-Fi security camera. Now, monitor your home easily with every possible angle and installing it anywhere you feel like without worrying about the power outlet and the bills.  home security equipments

The camera is equipped with two HD cameras with night vision, a motion sensor and smart home base station enabling the device to talk to other devices, and four magnetic dome mounts to secure the device during set up. The camera facilitates real time monitoring of the recorded videos on mobile, tabs and pc’s. Homeowners can also use the free Arlo app to control and manage the operations of the security camera.

No more Key Fumbling with Wireless Enabled Kwikset Kevo Lock

If you’ve an uncanny habit of misplacing keys, the Kwikset Kevo Lock is a savior for you! Just touch the lock and open it! This normal looking look is a piece in itself. The Kwikset lock operates with Bluetooth enabled phones to effortlessly unlock doors with just one touch. With Kevo Locks, you can:

  • Handle emergencies by giving remote access to your neighbor.
  • Travel worrylessly whether your homes are locked or not.
  • Know whether anybody tries to enter your home abruptly.kwikset-security equipments

With Kevo locks, you can access and monitor your home in your palm. Not only this, since the lock have sensors on both the sides, it’s inside/outside intelligence keep you safe by allowing access to authorized eKey holders. The functionality of the lock can be managed and controlled by the Kevo Mobile App.

Smoke-Gas Detective – Nest Protect

Beside external threats from burglars and thieves, securing our homes from internal dangers like smoke, carbon monoxide is also important. nestprotect security equipmentsKeeping this in mind, the NEST company has come up with its yet another gadget for home – the Nest Protector. It is basically a ‘smoke detector’ that even if your kid burns popcorn at home, the Nest Protect alarm will alert you immediately. Isn’t it amazing!

The Nest Protect is a smart thermostat that sends out notifications on the user’s smartphone. Further, it lets you know about the exact room under threat with predefined human voice. And guess what…you need to scroll down your entire smartphone to stop the alert. Simply swipe the screen and it’s done!

Don’t Miss those Precious Moments When not at Home with MySpot Cam

A smart surveillance cam for each of your home’s corner! myspotcam-security equipmentsMySpot Cam is a wifi-enabled security gadget used to monitor your home from anywhere, anytime.
It is equipped with night vision that enables you to see clearly even at night, HD video quality and real-time audio/video alert, hassle free internet connectivity, and even weekly scheduling.

With MySpot Cam, you can even share on social media the funny videos of your kids at home. It also has two-way audio functionality to talk and listen to the MySpot cam. Isn’t it a great way to see your wife whenever you miss her??

Patch Up the Gaps in Your Life with DropCam

security equipments dropcamKeep a ‘tab’ on the good and bad happenings at your home even when you’re travelling with the DropCam Tab. Adding to the list of DropCam’s list of security products, the DropCam tab is the latest addition. It helps you connect DropCam Pro Wi-fi Camera wirelessly and detects motion. You can install it anywhere – on a door, window, etc. Whenever that outlet will open, you’ll get a notification on your smartphone. You can also save your videos for future by paying a small amount to the server.

Hope you enjoyed the article contributed by Rahul Bedi who is an author and editor at NK Sharma Group, a famous real estate developer in Chandigarh. He is also featured as a blogger on Huffingtonpost.

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