Indian Cows are very rare to find, and so does its milk. There are enormous milk vending companies in Delhi, as well as, in India, but vending the original Indian Cow milk is rare in urban cities. Few companies do sell the original milk, but they don’t have either enough financial support or either marketing support to reach right consumers and show their product. One such company is Friends In Village, which started its sales in mid-Oct and this 2 months old startup needs our help in order to continue their service properly.

In a short talk with the founder of company, Arya Bharat, he shared authentic details about his problem in order to seek support from people.

This is what Arya posted in a startup group, which made me to have a talk with him and ask him if I could post about it in my website, so that it will reach at least some people.

Hii We have our startup Friends In Village in Vasant Kunj, Delhi providing Indian Desi Cow milk to residents here. We are actually struggling to find new customers as we are running it out of our pocket money and from money borrowed. Can anyone suggest some methods on how to do efficient marketing and also if anyone could help us to reach our target ASAP?

What do you think?

Well, we see there are enormous milk vending companies, which say “We supply 100% pure milk” or some may even turn out with different marketing strategies, but Friends In Village has one thing which other companies show off but doesn’t reflect in their product, that is, Purity of milk, it is something what this company takes care of. Arya said that there company provides an adulteration kit and also lactometer testing equipments to consumers right at their doorstep so that there won’t be any doubt left in the minds on people. Fascinating?

Does your milk supplier provides you any of such testing kits?

Well later, he said that “Right now, we are serving our customers with traditional containers, but once we receive funding we will be switching to glass bottles.” He added that if he receives funding and all other help, his company will feature Indian cow milk served in glass bottles, testing kits, quality service and delivery guy with behaviour check, this will help him create an amazing portfolio of his company. He has ensured to target at least 300 customers in the coming few months with 2000 customers by the end of 2016. Can he make it?

Yes, if you help him reach the right consumers. He can definitely help out people in providing authentic milk providing service.

So, let’s just spare 2 minutes off our busy schedule and start sharing this post in our facebook profiles, twitter or whatever social network we handle, with asking people to share it as far as they can. Let’s help Arya and his team to achieve a solid consumer base because there are hardly any milk suppliers in the city that provides adulteration and various test kits so ensure the purity of milk. Also, his company cannot afford advertising or marketing price to reach large consumers, this is the only way he can promote his product and service.

Guys your 1 minute spent in sharing will not just help someone to boost up his team and startup performance, but also it will raise confidence of many other startups who feel discouraged by social media. So, Let us show the power of Social media.

For instance, my recent posts on TaxiForSure and DTDC gave effective output and became a big issue over twitter and facebook. So. let’s do it again and empower the people to seek public support directly in order to increase their product sales and development.

P.S- This was not a marketing blog, but the story of a startup, facing financial crisis. 


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