Fun Ways to Utilize Your Lunch Breaks At Work


Working in a startup could be really stressful and sometimes lunch is the only hopeful moment you wish for during a workday. But apart from the food, you are consumed by lethargy and hours of unproductiveness after your break. At Quikchex, we face the same issue that most workplaces do and that is of breaking that slump after lunch and making the second half of the day more productive.

Here are 8 fun ways to utilize your lunch breaks that help you relax and make you more productive.

  • Doodle – Get your pen and paper out and do what you did to Gandhiji‘s portrait on your history textbook in 8th. A sense of creative accomplishment will boost your energy to help you get through the day.
  • Watch pet videos on Instagram to unwind. Their furry cuteness could get you through worst times.
  • Buy a colouring book for adults on Amazon and use them during lunch to relieve stress. Coloring truly lets you relax and get those creative juices flowing.
  • Learn a language on your smartphone. There a many free apps to help you learn languages on the go.

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  • Get on Pinterest and be inspired for DIY (Do it yourself) projects on food & drink, arts & craft, home décor and travel.
  • Read Terribly Tiny Tales on Facebook. Like the name suggests this page has “tiny” stories that have genres from humor to horror to keep you entertained on that time crunch. If you hate 600 pages novels but love a good read then this one’s for you.
  • Indulge in crossword puzzles. Puzzles keep your mind fresh and active and get you energized for the next half of the day.
  • Read blogs. You could find blogs that cater to any of your interests even if its politics, business, TV shows or everything! Entertain yourself with interesting content from all over the world and bask in the glory of the internet.


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With over 250 clients including some of the leading startups all across the country, we intend to change the way businesses handle their HR.


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