Hawaizaada” with it’s less attractive trailer and such poor promotion to this low budget movie, made it to come up with a low response from Indian Public.

A movie that relates a real person with adding something fiction into the story and making a historic movie into Fantasy. This fantasy has added much of drama and less of Biography. As per Records, Wright Brothers invented first Flying Machine in 1903 and it’s Patent was accepted on 22nd May, 1906 but there were stories and some true incidents from India that tells , a Marathi man Shivkar Bapuji Talpade who took less interest in his studies , later flew the First aircraft 8 years before what Wright Brothers did. The movie was made to explain this fact about what Indians achieved during those times of British Rule.

Actors didn’t performed to their level , it seemed like a Childish act that failed to attract those who watched the movie. Later, there were few scenes that could be easily questioned about the movie like use of pleasant english during 1890s and making of Airplane in a Ship that was not at all supervised by British Rulers , that was shocking.The location was more of fantasy movie like that of Harry Potter or others. Also , actress acted as if it’s 21st century on the way. Except the dressing sense of people and the book that helps him to make aircraft there was nothing that one can relate with history. There was a big mistake made in Movie , when Shivi was arrested by british and was held for trial in Court, he rose up getting patriotic and said “Vande Mataram” and as per movie that incident occurred in 1895 but for the instance, Vande Mataram ( actually made in 1875 by Bankim Chandra Chaterjee) was recited by Rabindra Nath Tagore in 1896 in Session of INC( one year later after the actual flight incident). Also, they showed if he’s Ayushman Khurana is Supergenius , making an airplane just in a month or two.That’s far behind reality.

“Hawaizaada” looks more as Hawe me zyada. But Vibhu Puri came up with a great motto to let Indian know about who are they actual. Though he failed to show it in movie, he added a typical Bollywood stuff of romance.This movie should have dealt more with history and science rather than Romance and Fantasy.But it’s a must watch movie to create a sense of Patriotism among we Indians and also to grow a hope that being a Certificate holder is not sufficient to show Your Talent. Also, it takes a lot to build to create a scenario of 1800s so it was a great hardwork by the Movie team. Thus, it was both nice as well as not so nice ┬ádebut for Director. We all wish he comes up with such revolutionary thoughts about Indian People and let our people know more facts about India.


Imdb : 6.5/10
Book My Show: 5.1/10
Koimoi: 1.5/5

All the Above reviews were purely based on My thoughts it may vary as per you view.
So to express your view, please comment below. And yes, do watch Hawaizaada and feel proud to be an Indian.
Jai Hind!


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