An impossible object is one that cannot seem to exist in a real 3 dimensional space. The aspects, dimensions, or specifications of an impossible object do not cohere with logic. However, though impossible objects are “impossible” to construct they can be comprehended “not necessarily visualized” to some extent in the abstract imagination.

For the sake of reaching a consensus, let us compare the idea of impossible. Imagine a cup of water able to hold the liquid with no base and no reaction. In simple words, this statement can be dismissed as illogical because it goes against the very definition of a cup. However, the statement can be made to “seem” logically possible if we were to simulate the right conditions for its validity in our minds. To clarify this statement, consider how a Penrose triangle can be formed out of a regular opened 3D structure when viewed from different angles. This is where we cross the blurry line between wit and abstract thinking. Here are some impossible objects that defy our common logic and our perception of 3 dimensional space.

Impossible Cube, invented by MC Esher



Penrose Stairs, created by Lionel Penrose, and his Son Robert Penrose

Penrose Stairs

Penrose Triangle

Penrose Triangle


Impossible Trident invented by MC Esher

Impossible Trident



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