India is celebrating its 70th Independence Day. A very Happy Independence Day to everyone.

While the “normal” whole of India is in its normal festive mood, some groups are busy politicizing even the national festival of India. That’s okay, it shouldn’t mean so much. Afteral, a dog’s tail is crooked forever!

Moreover, there’s another dangerous group. This group, is highly active and heavily reactive. Yes, the social media community. Beware of the ones, we are talking about today.

Fake News Busted!

Incidentally, we came across a Facebook page Republic Fan Club which allegedly shared a misguidng news as follows.

Independence day
Fake News by Facebook page Republic Fan Club

The Facebook post reads,

“SHOCKING: Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamta Banerjee has issued a notice to schools to not celebrate Independence Day in West Bengal ordering all school to stop all the preparations for Independence Day celebration.”

Suke India Archives: India Today: Independent! Secular?

The page (as the name suggests) is a fan page of the Republic TV, a news media channel of Arnab Goswami (That’s right! The nation knows him well). The page also shared the photo of a memo served by the State Project Director of the “Pashchim Banga Sarva Shiksha Mission”, along with the post.

It is clear enough in the memo, “…to stop all preparations for celebrating Independence Day 2017, in keeping with the circular…

Clearly, it is mentioned in the last line that “…Independence day 2017 will not be celebrated in this manner.

However, the page evidently misguided readers that the celebrations have been cancelled, inviting reactions from the followers. In spite of the memo’s clear instructions, the post garnered more than 2.8K reactions and 600 comments, mostly derogatory of the West Bengal Government and obviously, Mamata Banerjee.¬†

Independence Day will be celebrated indeed!

The West Bengal Government, headed by Mamata Banerjee declined to celebrate the national festival in the format prescribed by the Ministry of Human Resource Development. Of course, the celebrations will be held.

Centre’s Circular on Independence Day celebration

It is a pity that people fall prey to such fake news regularly. Netizens are advised not to believe in anything shared on social media without confirmation from sources that can be trusted.

The TOI Facebook post about the issue

OMG! Just heard somebody saying, “It’s the Independence day and we got the freedom to share fake news!” Was that you?

Jai Hind!

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