Just a week ago BBC published a documentary named “India’s Daughter” which was based on 16 December,2012  Gang rape of a young woman in New Delhi. Later, it was banned in India where some of them claimed it as a false video that comes up without any proof or reality and few of them said that BBC is trying to take the advantage of the situation in country. People didn’t allowed the access of this Viral Documentary.

But now Harvinder Singh from India did some research over the topic and made a Documentary “United Kingdom’s Daughters”. This was his reply to the report made by BBC.
Find it here…

[ish_embed tooltip_color=”color1″ tooltip_text_color=”color3″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twUmDDMX9tU&t=19[/ish_embed]

The documentary, that lasts for 28 mins, reveals that UK is 5th in World in Rape List and nearly one third of Britons believe that women are responsible for rape. The documentary examines statistical data and causes of Rape while a young mother and rape survivor, Sarah Scott, speaks openly about the time when she was raped. It also claims that 250 women in UK get raped daily although this is not the exact data because many cases do not report and many Women do not resist rape in UK. In “India’s Daughter” the interview where Mukesh Singh has also admitted that they would not have killed the girl and instead beat up her male friend who accompanied her on the night of 2012.

The situation all over internet is getting worse for the rape cases. But Harvinder claims that rape is a global phenomena and the mentality of those who commit this crime is same all over the world.

This was the report I found it so far. But in my way, rather than fighting against each other we should start supporting each other. Because rape is itself a crime and it’s making all of us to commit another crime that includes finding mistakes in others policies instead we should try to improve the situation in our country.

Although media is playing important role in misleading Indian crowd and that gives advantage to other media and countries to start gigs about Indian Situation. Will come up with it in my next blog.

Thanks for reading it.. Keep sharing your views about it.

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  1. Nice post and I agree that rape is a global phenomenon…but if we talk only about India, then i would like to know your opinion that on what basis do you find women equally responsible for rape…

    • When you ask about opinion then there are many ways to answer this question some of them are offensive ones to which indian crowd asks for ban without going deep into the roots.
      I will only say to clap we need both the hands. One hand do not make a clap.This is how it goes around society.
      We, both men and women stop making complaints about each other and et’s support for this stuff. We really need to improve our mentality to decline such crimes.


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