International Fleet Review 2016, hosted by Indian Navy


Separated by Geography but Certainly United by Oceans

This is the motto of International Fleet Review 2016 being hosted by Indian Navy at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Fleet Review is done to ensure the preparedness of Navy and display its latest developments. The supreme commander of Armed Forces i.e. The President reviews Indian Navy Fleet once in his office tenure. This year Mr. Pranab Mukherjee with Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Robin K Dhawan will review the fleet.

Navy Fleet Review is an old-standing tradition ensued by all navies across the world. It is a occasion where operational ships spruce up and they proudly display their crest and company in spirit of loyalty and allegiance to its sovereign and the state. The display was initially started to show military might and readiness of Navies for battle. Indian Navy Fleet Review was originally meant to review only Indian ships, then it was decided to invite foreign countries also so as to strengthen ties and bridges of friendship. Last time it was held in 2011 when 29 countries participated in the mega occasion.

The logo of International Fleet Review-2016 showcases the 3 operating dimensions of the Navy which are Ship, Missile and Aircraft. More than 50 countries and 100 ships are participating this year. A IFR Village is made at Andhra University campus in the city to give us a glimpse of Indian culture and heritage. It is a 5-Day program starting from 4th feb to 8th feb. The highlight for this year from Indian Navy will be Aircraft Carrier INS Viraat which will be present to take its final bow. The schedule is given below:

IFR 2016
International Fleet Review Schedule
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