Kangana Ranaut has been attracting a sea of negativity with the digital world giving a strong rebuttal to her unverified claims, vague facts and the many lies.

The last 10 days in the digital world have been extremely negative on Kangana Ranaut.

Observations by social media experts suggest Kangana Ranaut has been a subject attracting unusual negativity in the digital universe post her interviews with two national channels. The actress is being regularly trolled and thrashed for her many suspicious acts and statements. tweetAs per Twitter trends and reportings done in the past week alone, Kangana Ranaut has attracted a sea of negativity in the digital space, here is a timeline of the Digital Trends Kangana Ranaut  was a part of :

May 1st – Immediately post her interview on leading news channels post her National Award win, a hashtag ‘#CharacterlessKangana‘ began trending strongly on Twitter with the twitterati going berserk calling Kangana’s bluff.

May 16th – An Open Letter to Kangana slamming her to be a Fake Feminist made digital trends yet again with hashtag #FakeFeminism and #OpenLetterToKangana. In minutes both hashtags started trending organically. In totality, #FakeFeminism generated 4000+ tweets and #OpenLetterToKangana generated 1300+ tweets. #FakeFeminism became the most talked about topic which trended for more than 4 hours. Later in the evening, a Hrithik-Kangana’s video from Kites broke the internet and found a parallel reflection in digital media reporting. The hashtag #MustWatchHrithikKanganaVideo, #HrithikKangana and #HrithikKanganaMustWatchVideo were trending simultaneously at different spots on Twitter. (http://bit.ly/1U4Rf06) A public dig was once again taken on Kangana’s Feminism Fundamentals which generated a huge debate on social media. Kangana’s anti feminist statements in disguise of Feminism began trending as #FakeFeminism on day 1. (http://bit.ly/1NBYUH2)

May 17th – The video and its striking resemblance to the real life controversy of Hrithik-Kangana was largely trolled upon and reported by major websites like the Times of India. open-letter-kanganaThe Twitter trend continued with a galore of intricate observations on Kangana’s feminist stand and the hashtag #FakeFeministKangana emerged to be a strong trend on Day 2. (http://bit.ly/1U3Nv1T) Many opinion based sites further took notice of the actress’ unverified claims and reliability of strong statements made by presenting a series of facts and proofs to call her Lie.
(http://bit.ly/1Xwad5F , http://bit.ly/1svmDyFhttp://bit.ly/25dBjEd , http://bit.ly/209xCIP , http://bit.ly/255MuLR). A lot of Open Letters were written to Kangana calling her out for associating herself with the term ‘Feminism’. These letters were largely agreed upon by the readers who were in complete dismay of Kangana’s fake feminism. Feminism therefore emerged to be the most spoken about topic during the last week as per social media reports. 

May 19th – In addition to this, a number of Lies spoken by Kangana and her team in newspapers were thrashed by the Digital janta.  #QueenOfLies became an instant trend that night referring to Lies spoken by Kangana and her camp in newspapers taking her holiday destination.

May 21th – 23rd – Last week proved to be highly negative on Kangana. With the actress being the most hated celebrity on Twitter. The day began with Kangana’s real age being revealed via her passport in a leading daily. Soon the news went viral. A wire agency even compiled a number of her other Lies which were soon used to troll the actress on Twitter. Twitter memes and gifs soon became very visible with her many lies being slammed across digital media platforms and the #QueenOfLies became a rage on Twitter. References were made to Kangana and Barkha Dutt’s association too with the combination being termed as association of liars.

Kangana and her many suspicious acts sure called for the backlash. You should have seen this coming Ms. Ranaut!

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