• Karnataka Elections to be held on the 12th of May, 2018
  • Both Congress and BJP Karnataka Manifesto promises farm loan waivers
  • Karnataka to become the 5th state since 2017 to waive off farmer loans
  • Waiver to benefit more than 22 lakh farmers

In the upcoming elections in Karnataka, both the Congress Party and the Bhartiya Janta Party are majorly betting on farmer votes among all.

The Congress Karnataka manifesto promises loan waivers for farmers. But these loan waivers are limited to cooperative banks. BJP Karnataka manifesto gained an upper hand in the race. The manifesto sees loans up to 1 lakh waived even if taken from a nationalized bank.

Karnataka Elections 2018

With more than half of Indian states in BJP’s power, Karnataka elections are worth observing. The results of the various Karnataka Election 2018 surveys too do not really reveal much.

The elections come at a crucial time. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tenure will end next year. On the onset of the general elections next year, two states – Karnataka and Rajasthan will definitely give an insight on the Modi factor. If BJP does not gain a very significant majority in Karnataka, speculations that the Modi factor is on a declining edge cannot be ignored.

Farmers are on the winning side

Since 2017, three states have already implemented loan waivers, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Punjab. While UP and Maharashtra both have BJP governments, the Congress led Punjab also is in the league. Yogi Adityanath-led UP government waived crop loans upto 1 lakh last year that benefited nearly 87 lakh farmers, the largest number ever.

After UP, loan waivers in Maharashtra and Punjab came back to back. In Maharashtra, over 40 lakh households are debt-ridden, says the Agricultural ministry NSSO report. Karnataka will be the fifth in the list, succeeding the poll-bound Rajasthan which too promised the relief as a part of their election tactics.

The election Karnataka will undergo in the next few days are not only worth watching but worth gaining too. With both parties promising loan waivers, farmers are definitely relieved in one of their troubles. If the promises are rightfully delivered, farmers are definitely the ones who will win the Karnataka Elections 2018.

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