Chennai’s Kavitha Broke World Record for Performing 170 Hours of Yoga Marathon

kavitha bharanidaran nonstop yoga
Kavitha Bharanidaran Creates World Record

Yoga is accustomed to be a spiritual practice for mind, soul and body healing. It has no religion boundaries and no age limits. Anybody with a determination and desire can pursue the liberated practice of yoga and reap its benefits.

But one such yoga enthusiast from Chennai took her interest into a new level and gave it a new direction.

Kavitha Bharanidaran, a mother of three and a half year old girl, decided to practice nonstop yoga and then, the world was her stage.

Kavitha breaks Guinness World Record for performing nonstop Yoga for 5 Days…

Kavitha started performing Yoga on December 23 at 7 am, and made her way to break the previous record of 103 hours set by Pradnya Patil, on December 28 at 2 am.

Pradnya Patil belongs to Nashik and she performed marathon yoga for 103 hours during the month of June in 2017.

There were speculations that Kavitha might end the trail after breaking the record, but then it was made clear that she will continue her Yoga Marathon till December 30.

Finally, she stoppedĀ  after 170 hours of extensive Yoga on 30th December, and one can notice her determination and interest towards the same.

Her marathon yoga is now listed in Guinness Book of World Records as the longest yoga marathon in the world and she has made the country proud by achieving this feat.

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31 year old Kavitha is an expert in Yoga and Meditation. In an interview, she said, her aim was not to create, or break any record but she just wanted to test her patience. Although, she admitted that she was planning to continue the marathon for 216 hours, but some circumstances could not let that happen.

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