Working with a multinational firm is dream harbored by almost every second student graduating from college. Obviously, not everyone gets to fulfill this wish of his, as the global giants are known to hire only the best talent. If you also harbor a similar desire, here are some things you should know.

Global economy is on a road to recovery and hiring, which was on a freeze till now is slowly and steadily picking up pace. Almost all major multinational companies are expected to recruit new talents for various positions across different functional areas. This presents a suitable opportunity for aspirants who find the prospect of working with a multinational firm irresistible to let their dreams come true. Here are some of the tips that might help you land such a job.

Spruce up your Online Identity

Most large organizations having a global presence follow a similar process for screening their candidates and checking the online identity of the applicant is one of those standard procedures. Your online identity is made up of everything that you have ever shared on the web and forgotten.  It is entirely your call how much you want to share of you with the world, and therefore, if a prospective employer happens to chance upon your pictures doing something crazy, no one else is to blame other than you.

Almost every social network provides ample privacy measures which must be used to complete effect. The general wisdom says to keep your professional profile on LinkedIn up-to-date, and if you do not already have a profile on LinkedIn, it is high time to have one. Not every industry will give your online presence the same importance; yet taking ownership of yours might give your candidature extra set of wings. An important point to keep in mind while including professional details in the online profile is to keep everything authentic.  Everything you put there is open to scrutiny of the employers and if at a later stage of the selection procedure they find something amiss than it would result in loss of professional integrity and job opportunities as well.

Get Referred

Almost every multinational company has this habit of hiring employees through in-house referral schemes. They trust their existing employees to bring in new hires, which also allow the companies to establish an early relationship with the new professionals.  Under this referral program, the existing employees are rewarded with some bonus or monetary reward. If you have a friend of yours working in any one of the top companies, your chances of at least making it to the first cut significantly improve. Just let it be known in your circle that you are looking to make a switch.

Remain Updated

If you have a particular favorite multinational, which you wish to be a part of, then it is advisable to remain updated about the various financial and strategic decisions of that company. Besides, every multinational such as Google, Amazon or Yahoo has a website that has a careers section. Your first stop should be that Yahoo careers web page which will give you the idea of all the open vacancies in Yahoo.

Pros of Working in MNC

Working in a multinational is indeed different from any other small organization. There is a difference in the work culture, fringe benefits, salary structure when compared to a small company. Owing to their global nature, there is a lot more exposure and opportunity for better professional development in the career. International companies give a lot more space to their employees and prefer a friendly atmosphere over a strict work-culture. The multinationals are more open to discussions and exchange of ideas and support brainstorming amongst the team members. MNCs also offer better prospects, both in terms of money and career progression.

A Couple of Shortcomings

Working with multinationals comes with its own set of issues. Since the workforce in such an organization is in thousands, there is no room for personal attention. Roles have a limited scope and the learning opportunities are restricted. Job security is also a matter of concern as a little volatility in economy can lead to pink slips being handed out to entry level employees.

The gap between the way MNCs and small companies work is diminishing fast, with most private companies, now modeling their organizational structure after the biggest companies in the business. It is a win-win situation for the employees who stand to gain the most from this change.

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