And There there!

Maggi Noodles is back finally!

Nestle did whatever it could do to bring back Maggi noodles for those consumers who relied on maggi, when hungry.

Nestle India announced it today that maggi noodles will be relaunched and brought back to stores from monday, almost after facing 5 months of ban due to high level of Lead. They made this announcement in their Twitter handle.

Also, Snapdeal, an online marketplace based in India, helped Nestle, a Swiss Major Food Firm, to rollback it’s product back in India following a Tie-up!

Recently, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, claimed Maggi for it contained high levels of lead and the taste enhancer had MSG which is dangerous to consume. Later, Bombay High Court overturned the ban, hence asked Nestle to get their samples tested by three accredited labs, in order to health concerns of public. And then the tests were cleared, giving Nestle another chance to produce Maggi Noodle and start their service.

So guys, are you not excited to welcome Maggi after a long time?

At least I’m excited! Share what you feel in the comment section below.


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