Mann Ki Baat- PM Modi

No doubt, Narendra Modi is one of the best energetic Leader seen by India in the past decade, but he’s also genius in making us all energetic and want the people of India to excel in every stream.

When the era of All India Radio was about to shut down, PM Narendra Modi decided to launch a “Mann ki Baat” session where he will address the importance of any subject on a particular day of the month. The first event happened on 3rd October, 2014 on the occasion of Vijaya Dashmi and since then it happens every month, especially in the last week of the month.

February is the right time when students feel the actual burden of Exams, because Exams are about to start (or started) and the burden is to cope up with the syllabus done throughout the year and meet the expectations of family and friends to do well in Exams. PM Modi, last year discussed about Cricket and exams going, the two major events happened altogether in the same time, whereas this year he decided to motivate the students with his mantras. Hence, he roused 15 mantras, on All India Radio- “Mann Ki Baat” that happened on 28th February, 2016, to excel well not just in Exams, but also in Life.

So, are you ready to take over the exams?
We suggest to read these 15 Mantras in the cheerful voice of Narendra Modi, before heading towards your exam centre.

Set your Target based on your own aspirations and potentials.

Whatever ability, potential and desires you have, your target should be fixed accordingly. This is important in order to prevent frustration and depression later. So, your target should be something that is achievable.

Compete with Self and not others. Surpass your own achievements each time.

One of the best thing said, competing with others makes you a competitor, but the challenging spirit do not long last because it won’t help you to check the progress level and once again, depress you incase you lose. But if you compete with yourself, you get enough time to learn mistakes and the more you lose the better you learn and stronger you become to achieve your goal.

Have a higher, transformative goal in life and stay committed to it.

Everybody has a goal in their life, many of us keep dreaming of it every time. But not all of us attain it. Why only few of us make it happen?
Because we are not committed to what we have dreamt of. We just think of it, try it and if we fail, we change our goals. But, this is the point we make mistakes and blame ourselves for failure. So, from today decide it that no matter whatever my goal is, I’ll not stop thinking about it.

Exams would become joyous celebrations, if we remain steadfast in our dreams and goals.

Always have a desire of doing well in exam and be devoted to it. This will remove the fear of exams and since now, it is the part of your goal, so doing well in exam is a success for you. Thus, resulting in joyous celebrations.

Maintain year round healthy lifestyle to keep mind and body, fit and energetic.

Being Energetic is the key mantra. Swami Vivekananda, once said, ““You will be nearer to Heaven through football than through the study of the Gita”, which means one can achieve whatever he/she wants if he/she is fit and fine. And remember, if you’re healthy enough to do anything, you will definitely excel in studies but the vice versa is not possible.

Discipline is essential to build a strong foundation for continuous success.

Maintaining discipline over an issue is the most difficult thing that is seen in the 21st century students. But to attain success discipline is the key. Budding fans of cricket, should watch and learn from Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Deep, sound and sufficient sleep is vital before exams.

The most ignored activity, a student doesn’t take care of; is, sound sleep. Sound sleep is necessary to remain energetic throughout the day. And especially before the exam day, one should definitely sleep early to prevent ‘sleeplessness’ or ‘nervousness’ on the exam night.

Parents should create a stress free, positive atmosphere at home.

If a student fails to top the exam, he has a fear to get back his house and reveal the result to his parents, and imagine what happens for those who fail in their subjects!
If this is the way parents treat their kids, they are making their kids feel hostile even at their own homes. So, parents, instead of blaming for not doing well, should make him/her feel positive about the current results and assist him/her to do well next time. Remember, results lasts only for a shorter duration, but life of a child exists for more 6-7 decades.

Stay calm before an exam. Be happy, share light jokes with friends.

Being happy has many benefits, especially it gives a sense of self-esteem and comfort to the body, mind, and soul. And maintaining your cool, before any exam or any big crowd packed event, is essential to do well. Sharing light moments, discussing stuffs apart from ‘What did you study today?’, ‘ Can we discuss, what is going to come in today’s paper?’, helps in getting away from nervousness during paper. So, Stay calm and be happy.

If concentration lapses, use the technique of deep breathing to regain concentration.

Due to various distractions and thoughts penetrating into our mind, keeps our mind floating into the sea of thoughts, but it is natural. But, how to deal with it?
The best way is to start taking deep breath and exhaling it slowly. This is simplest way to regain concentration and many of us are taught, either by our parents or teachers to do this technique, when we are angry or high tempered.

Always read the instructions carefully before beginning the question paper.

It is quite natural to see students rushing down to start answering the questions before even reading instructions, the reason is clear, they want to jot down the answers in their mind in order to avoid confusion and forgetfulness later. But every exam has their own rules, may be some new rules are established, right a day before the exam and you’re not aware of it, so read the instructions carefully.

Read a question multiple times, if necessary, to understand it completely before answering.

There is a chance, one may miss the exact meaning of the question and start answering without getting its actual point and hence, losing the crucial marks for that question, which he could easily score. There are tricky questions, which sometimes looks so easy, but are difficult at times, whereas some questions are so easy, but reading them just once makes us feel that it was difficult, so ‘I didn’t attempt it.

Practice Yoga regularly. Helps in development of a healthy mind and body.

Yoga, not just benefits the physical body, but also it has mental, psychological, and cognitive benefits, if practiced regularly. It is highly recommended for students to practice yoga, to attain development of their body and mind. So, do not limit yoga only for Yoga Day, but try to practice it everyday.

Failure is a step towards success if we persist dedication, determination and diligence.

Remember a spider builds its web, not in a single attempt but by linking threads one by one. So basically, the web we observe is an output of 100 attempts in linking those threads. Similarly, the success we observe of people who are famous or those who are not famous, is not something that was achieved in a single attempt. They faced failures at almost every step, but every single failure achieved, build their core strength and made them rise up to the next level.

If we persist, fear will evaporate and bright future awaits.

Persistence leads to Success. No matter whatever difficulty you face on the path of achieving your goal, being stuck to it and attempting many times will definitely bring something better for you and it will rush away your fear, which is the key reason for your failure.

Mantras by Narendra Modi are versatile and are not limited just for students, but for every normal individual or a youth of India. This definitely doesn’t mean that these mantras never existed before, but this will somehow rejuvenate ourselves and to refresh our ideas to walk on our paths.

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