Defining the standards of living, whether you are married, single or, seeking a live-in-relationship, and then living up to those standards is very important to lead a better life.

Varied opinions, change of generations and value-added options has brought variety of choices for people to stay committed in life.

But, which way is the best one for commitment?

This has always been a complex subject when people debated around, or had a discussion whether to prefer live-in relationship over marriage or, just be single?

Every individual experience their own journey of life and one cannot simply judge with a statement that live-in relationships are way better than marriages because they give you freedom to choose what you want and you’re not bounded to someone or, I’ll just be single because I see many people ranting and always indulge themselves in a fight with their spouse, or etc.

What intrigues the subject is the opinion of youth today, which focus on one subject mainly, which is Independent living. Although, it is very fair and important to judge the scenario with a single factor, but it is an idea situation when it comes to living.

One cannot simply say, married people are not happy just by watching some couples ending up in a mess and finally, getting divorce. Because live-in relationships too end up being worst and then leading the ex-partners to live alone and sometimes get into depression. Whereas, in marriage, the parental support could help the partners deal with that depression or tough life because they consistently provide emotional support.

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Even though, marriage is a wise option to choose, but it is not the best one, because irrespective of the emotional support from family, friends, there were many violent incidents like sexual assaults, abuse which were reported in a marriage. Thus it gives a spouse full freedom for any kind of violence, without any legal action. So to back off, divorce is the only option for a partner, which is again a disadvantage for woman because most of them are homemakers and cannot make a living all of a sudden, which affects them emotionally and sometimes, if children are made to live in their custody, then it simply exasperate the situation.

Being single is another option, but sometimes it adds to loneliness and takes away the joy of being supportive or stay committed to the family. Your parents might put up pressure on you to get married or, you might experience nobody among your friends is there to enjoy those golden old days.
If you can deal with it, beat the loneliness and enjoy the moment you live in  with no expectations, then, being single is perfect, but that won’t give you lasting happiness if you lose the momentum.

But, there are various perks of being single, like you have nobody to interfere for the decisions you made or, nobody to judge you for anything that you do, similar benefits can be experienced when they are involved in a live-in relation, where the burden of having kids, dealing with any kind of issues, be it sexual or emotional, are purely based on independent choice. One can opt-out of the relationship whenever they feel it’s not working any more and there are no legal proceedings like those involved during divorce. Although, a lot of judgement is being passed over the couples breaking-up after living together without marriage, but it still covers up multiple type of pressures that are involved during breaking-off the marriage.

So, rather than asking opinions to variety of people and sink in a decision, just remember different people experience different situations and hence, suggest you things based on their experiences. But, what worked best for them may not work better for you and the vice versa.

Single-hood is still an option for you and if you’re committed then have a talk with your partner. If you feel live-in relation is worth trying then give it a chance and if that strengthens your bond with your lover, make yourself comfortable, or ask her out for marriage. If both of you feel it’s the right time, don’t hesitate to proceed and don’t care about what people around you suggests, because this is your life and you are the one who knows what is right and wrong for you.

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