Mirabai Chanu wins Gold Medal at the Weight Lifting World Championship. She gave Indians a reason to smile and made us all proud by becoming the first lifter after 22 years to clinch a Gold medal. Previously, Karnam Malleswari did it back in the year 1995.

Chanu created a new world record by lifting up 194 Kg, which was 85kg in the snatch and 109kg in clean-and-jerk section and defeated the silver medal winner Sukcharoen Thunya, in the Women’s 48 Kg category in a close battle. While, Segura Ana Iris grabbed the bronze medal by lifting 182 Kg in total.

Mirabai’s victory is like a redemption from her previous performance at the Rio Olympics, where she could not get an overall total in the Women’s 48 Kg category.
She failed to lift in any of her three attempts in the clean and jerk category. After her failure in the debut, she admitted later that she suffered a bad stretch of nerves that she could only manage to lift the weights one out of six times in the competition.

About Mirabai:

Born in the state of Manipur, Mirabai Chanu began weightlifting in 2007 at Khuman Lampak Sports complex in Imphal, at the age of 13.

She was inspired by the veteran Weightlifter Kuranjani Devi, whose 12 year old record was then broken by none other than Mirabai, during a selection trial when she lifted up the weight of 192 Kg., which made her qualify for the Rio Olympics.

Parallel to her weightlifting career, she was also employed by the Indian Railways to work for them during her off-days at the weightlifting.

Mirabai Chanu Career Highlights:

This was not the first time when Mirabai won hearts of people. She has many accolades under her name and she is one of the brightest athlete in the discipline.

mirabai chanu weighliftingChanu has previously won a Gold medal in the South Asian games 2016 and has also grabbed a silver medal in the 2014’s Commonwealth Games (48 Kg Women’s Category).

She won the title ‘Best Lifter’ in the year 2013 at Junior National Championship and also finished with Gold Medals in International Youth Championship, 2011 and the South Asian Junior Games.

Now, she became the second Indian weightlifter to win a Gold medal in the IWF Weightlifting Championship and broke Karnam’s record after 22 years, by lifting weight of 194 Kg (including Snatch as well as, clean and jerk).

She is an inspiration for all young women to pursue what they want. Now that she has sealed her way next year’s commonwealth games, let us all expect another feather in her cap that would add to India’s glory.

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