Our country is seeing a change. India, is undergoing a change. Yeah, that’s not new, for India is a developing country, Oh! Pardon me! Bharat Mata. (Nobody knows when the Bhakts finds you and badly insult you or abuse you! And yes, along with their “highly intellectual social media class”, so you better be careful!). So India/Hindustan/Bharat Mata is developing, fast indeed but, the “Bhakt-stan“, as a matter of fact, is developing more faster.

Oh! I am not fooling around, you have the exclusive facility to experience it yourself! And relax! You won’t need to buy a ticket, it’s cheap (just like the experience you may have). Actually… it is free! If you can manage your data costs and have a twitter account, it’s just a tweet away. All you need to do is, raise your voice against the BJP-led government. Even when your cause is genuine; you will experience the developing Bhaktstan. (It better be genuine, that’s how you differentiate rationals and “anti- rationals”.)

Well, there’s a warning involved. DO NOT TRY THIS IF YOU HAVE A WEAK HEART! A “Troll-ed” murder is a natural death on record.
So… that is the lighter part. (In fact, it is more dangerous than the rest!)

Regrettably, Bharat Mata, no longer would seem the same peace loving, tolerant, united country as it was once. After the 2014 elections, things have changed. Bitterly.

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Lets digest this for a moment! Meanwhile the BJP Government is bringing in some development, there are few negative sides of this rule too. Those negative sides, as a matter of fact, are disgusting, unruly and uncontrollable.

The people with a smartphone in their hand, Modi on their tongues and garbage in their brains – the new challenge for people who want to speak up! Anything goes against the BJP government, and these people, they will almost kill you with their trolls, abuses and threats. These are the bhakts. (Okay, don’t forget, we live in a democratic state!)

The Undeclared Emergency:

The period of 1975-77 was the most controversial period of the Indian democracy. The JP Movement, the uprising, student movements and when all of this was uncontrollable, The Emergency. However there were no twitter or facebooks, nor any other social networks then. (Maybe no “paid media” either!) So the opposers had to see the bars, even press was banned and freedom of expression almost denied.

Meanwhile 40 years later…

Things have evolved after 40 years. There is no great leader like JP, there’s no movement and there isn’t any ban on freedom of expression either. This is what we see as a delusional cover of a very grave situation that our democracy is going through.
This is an undeclared emergency, moreover an unacknowledged one! You have to pay the price for questioning your government, but indirectly. You have to pay the price for exercising your freedom of expression. This time, the BJP led government has a mask and a frontier force, it’s their troll army. BJP supporters have gone unruly on social media. You question the government and you will definitely be given a good time.

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Give a minute to all that is going around this country. Enforcing things, which one particular ideology is interested in? Some groups decide your nationalism and somebody grades your patriotism. At the same time, the government decides what you will eat? Ironically, they are yet to bring in Milo atleast! And you are not supposed to question them! The government would seldom answer, arguably, somebody else would. Moreover the answers would be better of a punishment. Don’t you see the undeclared emergency too?

Bhakts, yeh kaisi bhakti?

Gurmehar Kaur’s case is a good example of what is their “level” of defending a politocal ideology. The most recent case was that of Sakshi Dhoni, we are well aware of! Isn’t it shameful how the bhakts trolled and abused her? Or you too are one of them? Is this what people who question will have to face?

This is the hidden face of BJP’s power. This is how they deny you the right to express your opinion. It is pretty clear that speaking against a BJP establishment is included in their antonyms of Nationalism. Don’t forget talking about the jumlas!

There’s Sushma Swaraj on twitter and there’s Suresh Prabhu, so are these Modi-BJP Bhakts or trollers. If the former are doing all the praiseworthy, the later are all the sick, mentally retarded people, blindfolded by the mere fact that the party they support, i.e BJP is in power and so its not a democratic nation but, a kingdom!
Oh and yes, if you had a feud with somebody and ended up empty on abuses or something insulting, just tweet something about the jumlas or question the government about any wrong, there you get a free package of all the insult one can have. If the Modi ship sinks, these Bhakts are to blame.

I am an Anti- National too?

However, the ship won’t sink so early. Why? Half of us are BJP supporters. Half of the supporters might be the troll army. So India’s, (Oh, Pardon me! Bhaktstan‘s) democratic equation implies that if you oppose the bhakts, you oppose BJP, and if you dare oppose the BJP, you are an Anti National! Maybe the ABVP would help you brand one. Afterall, they are the only nationalists remaining in this country, right?

Moreover, our secularism is also merely a psuedo- secularism! These “bhakts” and their “bhakti” is the only genuine thing remaining in this country, (Mata)! Oh yes, now I may be a leftist too. Sick Mentality!

Bhakts, time to be a little cultured and rational!

Bottom line: Is there a link to register for any certificate course in “their” Nationalism on ABVP’s website or something? Now I need one badly!

Disclaimer: Views expressed are personal. The author does not intend to defame any political party, religion or ideology.

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