Neerja: The common man's verdict

The Ashok Chakra citation

The citation of  Ashok Chakra for Neerja Bhanot AC reads,

“Her loyalties to the passengers of the aircraft, in distress, will forever be a lasting tribute to the finest qualities of the human spirit”

For her bravery and self-sacrifice, the Government of India awarded her India’s highest peacetime gallantry award Ashok Chakra posthumously. Neerja became the youngest recipient of the military decoration. Honored with many bravery awards,  Neerja’s story is worth telling. At a very small age, she did the bravest thing anyone would think of.

The Movie ‘Neerja’

Excellent plot and super casting makes Neerja a worth watch. This movie brings to you the true meaning of courage and bravery. Looks like Bollywood is now focusing on some awesome stories, biopics and real life incidents this year. After Airlift, this one is definitely the finest movie to watch today. It brings to you the story of a young lady, Neerja Bhanot , the 23 year old PanAm airhostess, who lost her life while saving the lives of the passengers.

Sonam Kapoor takes no time to settle in as the character ie. Neerja. Starting with introductory part, some family celebration, she introduce herself as Rajesh Khanna’s big fan. Mother daughter priceless relationship and “we are the family” stuff completes the simple and stable first half. On the other side formal presentation of the terrorists is done.

After the interval, as the second half starts Sonam takes the hold of entire film. This is the best movie Sonam Kapoor did till this date. And this side of her has never been seen before. The rest would be better watched on screen.

And what do you say for Sonam‘s performance?

Truly Amazing!

Shabana Azmi and Yogendra Tiku as Neerja’s parents are simply wonderful.

Music of the film is average. There are many incidents where Rajesh Khanna’s famous dialogues are deliberated. But the last emotional one “Pushpa, I hate tears” will make you cry for sure. And the song “Aisa kyun maa” will also make you emotional. The Never-breaking bond between the daughter and her mother is also the plus point of the movie.

Neerja is very challenging movie to watch, as audience already knows the story and the saddest end of the film. Neerja is a film that must be watched to honor a life that was not long, but very, very large indeed.  The movie is a symbol of indescribable courage, utmost bravery and heroism. Girls should definitely watch Neerja than any other film this weekend.

Keep tissues handy when you go to watch this one.


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