“Where violence is activated by the slogan that religion is in danger, there religion is also motivating political perceptions. Both demand different kind of States. An inevitably, in the ensuing violence, those least concerned with the political ambitions and occupying the lowest rungs of the society are the ones who suffer the most. There is no justice in this.”

The above excerpt is from Romila Thapar’s “The Public Intellectual in India”, which I recently finished reading. In fact, I read that book at the most relevant time. What India is going through is terrible. But, yes, this time, even if for a day, people woke up, they took to the streets. They stood in the rains, against the violence being perpetrated. That no, NotInMyName will men kill men anymore. NotInMyName!

No! NotInMyName!

Finally, the dormant Indian mass rises. It rises against injustice. It rises against terror.

The Hindustanis stood against hate. The hate that wants to divide them: Men against men. That NotInMyName will a man be lynched again.

15 years old Junaid’s death was shocking in the ongoing series of “state-promoted” cow vigilantism. (Yes, state promoted indeed.) Incidents are on a remarkable rise for the last three years, and yet, nobody says a word. Nevertheless, it took the death of a 15 years old to break the dumb of an orator as good as our honorable Prime Minister.

A Protest for what India stands for…

This protest was an example of India’s secular democratic spirit. The brutal lynching of a Muslim boy lead people to streets, and not everyone was Muslim. This is what our India is about.

There is a very small minority of hate mongering people. They derive their strength and audacity from their fathers sitting in high political chairs. Above all, their strength comes from our fears to protest them, our silence.

When a political party cannot control its own maniac leaders, we understand why the hate doesn’t stop. The party itself, which has been elected on less solely on development grounds, but more on religious grounds, shouldn’t be expected to act against this.

Where and what do we lack? A peek:

Prime Minister Modiji gave his statement. But, will that be enough? Are the lynchings going to stop? Or, why only lynching or why just Hindutva terror, any crime, hate mongering, threats, rapes, murders, devoid of any religious interference or any political affiliations. What makes people feel that they will easily escape the consequences?

It is the entire system of law and order that needs a change. Obviously, this will take time. Our lawmakers themselves are the law breakers. Our legislatures feel they are above law. This was quite evident in the case of DSP Shreshta ThakurThakur who was transferred for arresting some BJP leaders. And, she was not the first. This is common throughout India. This needs to be changed. How? Definitely, we need to figure that out.

And we disown you…

The protests were supported by many notable people, including journalists, social activists, actors and of course, common man. A majority of them were Hindus. The numerous Hindus, who like their Muslims, Sikhs, Christian, Buddhist, Jain etc. counterparts are the basis of the secularism of India. The lifeline of the secularism of a country runs within the heart of its majority. We are that majority.

Moreover, we disown you! And actually, it is more than just the “Kadi Ninda” you are fond of. Hindus who hate Muslims or, Muslims who hate Hindus, you are not one of us. You do not belong to our India. We do not belong to yours. (Of course, this is all barking up the wrong tree.)

#NotInMyName will anybody…

Somebody’s food habits, somebody’s faith should not cause me so much hate. We should not force our religious beliefs on others. People should not be killed for what they eat, who they worship.

Recently, a Facebook post in Bengal lead to communal violence. We need to promote mature understanding. Violence is never a solution. A social media post should not spark so much anger. Even if it does, we should turn to the legal steps. We must take it as a responsibility to maintain communal harmony everywhere.

Religion or God doesn’t needs protection, at least not from us, petty humans. Instead, humans do, humanity does. We are one, let’s stand united against these communal forces. Stop killing people for whatsoever reasons, and never for communal reason.

Say, NotInMyName!
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