Pooja Mishra, Bigg Boss contestant caught Abusing Store Staff & No Police Action

Does Law depends on Social Status of a person?


When a common man gets involved in public fights or any harassment/misbehaviour to others, sooner or later he’ll be caught by police and face some legal actions. But this is not the case happening with Indian ‘Celebrities‘.

Have you seen the video?

She was Pooja Mishra, an ex- contestant of Bigg Boss 5, who was caught in camera by few men and was found abusing and beating the Store Staff in Delhi’s Karol Bagh area on Sunday night. At the end of the video, people started beating that Man ( as per the voices) to which few other Men shouted ” Use chorr do.. Uski Galti nahi hai.” ( Leave that Man, it wasn’t his mistake)

It’s not for the first time she was accused of abusing and beating public/staff . Earlier, she manhandled hotel staffs of Taj Dwarka. Reportedly, hotel staffs tried to stop her from leaving the hotel because she refused to pay the bills for items she broke inside her room.

Consider if that was the case of a normal man, he may have to face charges for this issue. And if Pooja Mishra face no charges or police action for such misbehaviour, it reveals us clearly that Law (which every common man has to follow) for celebrities or VVIPs doesn’t exist. Is it so?

Share Ur Opinions about this issue. What actions are needed in response to such misbehaviour by ‘Celebrities’ of India?

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