Romantic movies with a same cliche type love story is no more an entertaining dose for the film lovers. Qarib Qarib Singlle boasts for its simplicity and no-fancied style of being in love, yet no love.

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The movie is a memorable journey that will make your day. No over hyped drama, no glamorous dolls but a perfect blend of emotions will keep you attached with the trip till it finishes off.

Qarib Qarib Singlle: En route to Commitment

Movie begins with Jaya (Parvathy), who is a confident woman, painted not to be driven away in the grief of her martyred husband.

She moved on, is happy in her life, with a stable job and have friends who care. Also, she loves to dress casual, with no layers of make-up and lives a self sufficient life.

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After years of being alone and the regular taunts of her friends, she finally decides to join a dating website. This is when enters Yogi (Irrfan Khan), who becomes the tornado in her life.

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Yogi is a total opposite of what Jaya is. His entry did not have hype pomp unlike other Bollywood movies. And that actually makes it even more interesting, his role becomes full of mystery.

The conversation between the duo in the coffee shop is an entertainer and Yogi’s dialogues, full of punchlines makes it even more fascinating. Jaya keeps running away from Yogi, but he makes easy efforts to get her hold. He is a single with the attitude to mingle any time.

The journey of the Duo begins when he insists her to travel with him to his 3 ex-girlfriends, who he proclaims, miss him even now, and are dying to meet him.

Qarib Qarib Singlle Bollywood movie

Jaya, leaving all the stereotypes behind, embarks upon the journey that has no destination.

The journey of love, which travels upon the road less traveled shares some memorable events, comedy, tragedy and a feeling of joy.

Musical Score: A beautiful background that takes you away with it

Songs of Qarib Qarib Singlle are very delight to hear and are relatable with the theme of the movie.

Vishal Mishra’s ‘Khatam Kahani’ with the amazing voice of the Nooran sisters makes a very beautiful rajasthani score that captivates the audience. The trip gets even more excited with Rochak Kohli’s composition of ‘Tu Chale Toh’ that was spiced up by Papon’s exquisite voice.

While the journey finds some rough patches, Atif Aslam’s score of ‘Jaane de’ manages to allure the audience with its silent tune and the glimpse of loneliness that consists of hope.


Qarib Qarib Singlle Journey

The adventure of love that took a different path has managed to enthrall the audience with its character and the story. The movie did not fancy any item song or too much of fashionable inputs and that keeps the movie well in the theme. There were no hiccups, no exaggerating moments but a constant sense of curiosity that made this movie even more delightful.

Eeshit Narain did an amazing job to keep cinematography at its best and the director Tanuja Chandra’s decision to have Irrfan Khan and Parvathy on board to lead the movie reaped the fruit.

With it’s flamboyant direction, scriptwriting and the acting, this movie is a must watch that will surely charm its way in your heart.

Watch the trailer here and definitely go for it.

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