With the latest advancement in Technology, amazing tools have been built to make our work easy and fun. But are we using them as a full potential? Or even if we are using them, are we making the right use of it?

Many questions pamper our thoughts when we ask ourselves “How Technology creates an impact in our lives?” Every individual having their own experiences and interests, have a different overview about the subject. But when it comes to education, the basic question we may ask ourselves, “Are we utilizing Technology at its best, as our tool for Learning?”

Gone are those days, when a child was punished or blamed for using a smartphone at a very tender age between 8 to 13 years. Now, it’s just another trend among kids to have their own iPads, smartphones, etc. Though older people may ask “Why do they need mobile phones at very small age?“, but if you look it the other way, it shows they have already adapted the modern trend and are interested to innovate new stuffs.

Almost everyone focuses on the drawbacks for the above situation, but instead, one should look for ways for developing a positive relationship between gadgets and kids and then use those smartphones or gadgets as a tool for better learning.

Let’s discuss some ways which can enhance the way of learning by using Technology as a tool.

  1. Games

    Since, gaming improves focus and thinking ability of an individual.  So, kids can prefer playing educational games or games that involve quiz up, puzzles or other interactive games apart from action games.

  2. Social Networking

    Social Networking not only involves building a social profile, but also a connection to the world right from your desk. The discussion created between two people may help them to remove language barrier. Also, General issues shared in the social site help in improving knowledge.

  3. Blogging

    Blogging might be a tougher task at a small age, but reading them could become a better hobby and may determine you to write your own blogs too and become one of the best bloggers. So never resist yourself for retaining a hobby.

  4. E-Learning

    With lots of free E- Courses available, one can take advantage by joining such courses and gaining knowledge about a subject. Courses could be anything right from programming languages to your English subject. Few websites that you may refer for Free Learning are edX, Khan Academy, Wikipedia, etc.

  5. Video Conferencing

    Video conferencing in schools makes it easy for students to connect with different guest teachers/lecturers coming from different part of the world. This has reduced travelling costs and other problems during guest lectures.

  6. Photography

    If you own a camera, be it a DSLR or a smartphone camera, why just waste your time in doing mundane things that gives no output? Simply take snapshots of the moments you live in and make them cheerful. No matter, you’re a photography geek or just a smartphone owner, you own your smile.

  7. Television

    Popularly known as an “Idiot box”, it could actually make you an idiot if watched it for useless things. There are enormous educational events happening around channels like Discovery, Nat Geo, Animal Planet and other TV programs too. Just make your time watching TV efficient, so that you would learn something within the time spent.

  8. Many more

    So this is not the end of the list, technology could help a student by providing visual aids, audio aids to make it easy for learning.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s use Technology efficiently and be a reason for next the innovation. #TEchnocrats

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  1. Well, technology these days helped not only those who can see or hear, but also those who have visual or hearing impairments! That was worth reading it, thanks for sharing! Keep writing


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