Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.

-Maria Von Trapp

After enthralling fans with their outstanding songs in the prequel, Rock On 2 scores again to entertain the Fans with a new Magical journey of rock Music.

Much like the quote by Maria, the film Rock on 2 portrays a similar context, where the Magic of music open all the gates of heart, which are closed due to changing time and circumstances.

Storyline and Performance of the Castperf

In the movie, Aditya (Farhan Akhtar) finds himself in a situation where he keeps running away from his past occurrence, which makes him leave the MAGIK band group and become a farm cultivation businessman in Meghalaya to serve the people of the region, for the sake of human causes.

Back in Mumbai, the other members of Band group, Joe (Arjun Rampal) and KD (Purab Kohli) are still involved into music industry and makes several attempts to bring back Adi to his own world and let him devote his life once again to music, irrespective of what happened in his past with their group.

Jia(Shraddha Sharma) performs well with her role in the movie with her own composition of music and she was factor that helped in regrouping of MAGIK band that once again rocked the stage.shraddha jia rock on 2

Generally, a sequel is a remake of the original movie, but Shujaat managed to exhibit a new chapter of the Rock Band which stole our hearts 8 years ago.

Music beats everything in the Moviemusic rock on 2

From Jaago to How Kiw/Chalo Chalo by Usha Uthup and the Rock On theme song, every song is a treat to the ears that beats everything in the movie.

The cult musical drama has impressed crowd with its Rock Music (and electro rock), also the credit goes to Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy for their Original Score in the movie.

Music keeps on growing during the movie and the last scene records the best part, where the Magik band impressively transits Woh Jahan song to the Rock On title track which fills a different energy in the mass, giving us all the similar experience of the original Rock On.

Scenic Beauty of Shillong and the magical effect

The tea farms, beautiful mountains and the peaceful nature of the Shillong added essence to the movie. Being one of a kind, movie was mainly shot in the capital city of Meghalaya, which for sure, would become your travelling goal next summer, after watching the movie.

Icing on the cake, the last concert of Rock On 2 took place on a beautiful mountain, imagine how magical and beautiful experience that would have been?

Music agglomerates People

The theme of the movie depicts how music can bring people together, irrespective of their region, genre, interests.

To solve the issue of the village, Adi decides to fuse up popular rock bands and hold a concert  in Meghalaya, where people from all the regions of country would visit the show and this will help in raising awareness of the situation in the village.

So, Rock On 2 sets an example of how music brought people together and united them.

With an amazing journey to share, all in all, Rock On 2 is complete package of a Drama full of Passion and Courage. So get ready to catch the lives of KD, Adi, Joe in theatre and relive the musical journey.


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